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A bit of a pickle

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A bit of a pickle posted by pathography December 05, 2008 07:20PM reply | quote
posted by pathography

I am sitting on a stack of blank apps, but due to my rural place of living at the moment I can not seem the do anything with them. As you see, the only arts and craft shop here is also the book store, there fore they are not allowed to sell excto knives. As they as seen as weapons... And the general hardware store, doesn't have anything delicate enough to due the fine work involved. I have been trying a sewing needle and a candle, with little luck. Just wondering if any one has a make shift idea, with the Christmas light being fired up to day, I would like to have something creative to use. All ideas will be tried if feasible.
Re: A bit of a pickle posted by Jack Howard December 05, 2008 09:01PM reply | quote
posted by Jack Howard

I'll bet you a traveling salesman type with accounts at lots of stationary shops might be able to drop something off for you the next time he barrels through Connemara...


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Re: A bit of a pickle posted by ranfoto December 06, 2008 04:14AM reply | quote
posted by ranfoto

Patrick: If you want to cut simple shapes in your aps, then it's not that hard to draw a pattern on the disk then use a utility knife or even scissors to snip away to get a unique matte to Bend those speculars .

Take your time, that book store must carry some round punches, find the punches used for sewing, then punch a series of holes in your disk in different shapes......it's just amazing what you can come up with.

Not sure about the result, then cut a test shape in card stock, even if you don't have black paper, use some spray paint or poster paint......be creative, the light doesn't care what materials you use to Bend it ......:))
Re: A bit of a pickle posted by BearWoodsDavid December 06, 2008 06:27PM reply | quote
posted by BearWoodsDavid

Maybe if there is a prison nearby...someone could make a Shiv? How far out do you live?

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