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Snowflakes posted by kdecoensel December 19, 2013 05:05AM reply | quote
posted by kdecoensel
I saw some cool pictures from a guy who took pictures of snowflakes. Is there a way of doing this with a copmposer pro ?
Re: Snowflakes posted by sr patife December 19, 2013 08:12AM reply | quote
posted by sr patife

with what optic.can you show which photo you are talking about?to see if its achievable

Nuno Caldeira
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Re: Snowflakes posted by pszaban December 30, 2013 04:03AM reply | quote
posted by pszaban
Funny you should mention this. I'm considering making photos of single snowflakes. I shoot with a Canon DSLR and here's what I've been thinking about:

Snowflakes are small: I could spend $1000+ for a Canon MPE65 1x-5x magnification lens plus $800 for a macro light setup. Santa wasn't that generous to me, so, it's off to plan B: I ordered an inexpensive Fotodiox macro bellows for EOS Cameras from amazon. A Sweet35 with a 150mm bellows should theoretically be able to attain over 4x magnification.

Snowflakes melt: I was thinking about putting a piece of glass out in my driveway for a few minutes during the next weekend snow storm so it gets cold and some flakes land on it. I then could bring the snow covered glass into my un-heated shed where there is no wind and place the glass on a piece of blue paper to get a blue background. I'm hoping to shine a cool LED light source on the snowflakes. An incandescent bulb might melt the snowflakes. I was also considering shining the LED through the glass from underneath, or putting the snowflake on a frozen flower petal to make the background more interesting.

Depth of field is going to be small: Canon EOS lenses don't have aperture rings and normally rest at a wide open aperture. I was considering using Sweet35 optic because I could use f/2.5 with the viewfinder to compose and focus, then move to f/22 to shoot. It is possible to trick Canon lenses to rest at other apertures, but it's not pleasant.

Composition will be difficult: Getting a single snowflake into the field of view might be tricky, but I'm hoping that the tilt/swing afforded by the combination of Sweet35 and manual focus will make it easier.

Will it work? I never did this before, so I have no idea. I'll post a pic if it works. I do have some backup plans like using a lens reversal ring with an old lens that has an aperture ring.

Good Luck! If you're successful, please post a pic and let us know how you did it.
Re: Snowflakes posted by Lorna Taylor December 30, 2013 06:41AM reply | quote
posted by Lorna Taylor

I have done a few snowflakes with the composer,macro kit and a set of extension tubes,so it can be done.

My Flickr Page

Re: Snowflakes posted by jcdflint January 25, 2015 12:15AM reply | quote
posted by jcdflint
freeze a piece of black cloth flat. Take it outside and collect snow flakes on it. Have your camera and table set up in a cold place.. start shooting ....good luck ! Jeff
Re: Snowflakes posted by PBlais January 25, 2015 09:21AM reply | quote
posted by PBlais
For my money the idea isn't to get super close up snow flake shots because - it's been done better with other camera gear - a lot! Yawn Yawn!

The idea is "Lensbaby snow!" So what is it? How should that look? How could you hope to tilt the plane of focus that close? To shoot that close you'll need wide open or it won't work. You'll be shooting normal shots with a Lensbaby that won't be that normal!

In close with some hard light you could kick up some highlights that Lensbaby could do amazing things with. Work toward the strength with the girl that you brought to the dance!

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