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first time shooting a wedding

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first time shooting a wedding posted by djsiberia March 25, 2013 09:47AM reply | quote
posted by djsiberia
I am about to do some wedding shots for a friend alongside their professional photographer - I'm going to be the one to take more non-traditional shots. I have the Lensbaby Scout with various optics and the Sweet 35. I haven't used my Lensbaby in this capacity before and was wondering if anyone had any tips or tricks that would help me? I have a Canon T2i and I'm planning on using on-board flash and it's an indoor wedding at a bar.

Would it be better to just use the Sweet 35 so I don't have to worry about changing optics and the aperture discs? Can you change the optics while the lens is on the camera or do you have to take it off?

Sorry to be long winded, but I'm a little nervous.

Thank you for all the help and tips!

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Re: first time shooting a wedding posted by sr patife March 25, 2013 11:03AM reply | quote
posted by sr patife

hi angela, i also own a T2i and had a similar experience once.

it all depends of what focal length you prefer to use and the optic style you want. Sweet 35 is 35mm and the double glass/single glass/plastic/soft are 50mm. I would go for the Sweet 35 since you can quickly adjust the aperture just to make sure you dont miss a shot. but i would also keep in my bag one of the 50mm optics just in case you need to keep a distance from the couple, with the f5.6 aperture in it (if you use the flash) and the magnetic aperture tool with the f4, f2.8 discs to adjust if needed. if you wanna go for a massive blur, just dont use any disc, that would be equivalent to a f2.

Since you have the Scout you can only use a centred sweet spot, so try to use a aperture of f5.6, so that the sweet spot of focus will be relatively large (keep in mind that, a smaller aperture will result in a smaller sweet spot)

I would advice you to practice a bit in similar lighting conditions before the weeding, so that you get use to the perfect set up and just make small adjustments in the weeding day and keep everything necessary in hand.

You can change the disc apertures with the lens on your camera, just use the magnetic tool.

hope it helps and show us the results afterwards

Nuno Caldeira
Lensbaby Lovers
Re: first time shooting a wedding posted by djsiberia March 25, 2013 09:59PM reply | quote
posted by djsiberia
Thank you for replying! This was very helpful.

Do you think it would be better to take the double glass optic, telephoto and the wide angle optics? I was thinking the wide angle would be great for group shots? Or would this be overkill?

I was wondering if you had to take the lens off the camera to change out the optic - like if I wanted to switch the Sweet 35 to the double glass would I have to take off the Scout to change it or could I leave it on the camera?

thank you again
Re: first time shooting a wedding posted by sr patife March 26, 2013 12:15AM reply | quote
posted by sr patife

Hi again. No, you dont have to remove the Scout off your camera to exchange the optics (but turn the camera OFF while doing it), but keep in mind that dust & particles might enter you camera body which will eventually leave dust/particles in the sensor. I usually dont remove the composer from my camera while exchanging the optics, i just try to do it in a relatively "clean" place and as fast as possible to avoid "stuff" entering my camera body.

Regarding the accessories tele/wide angle, since the Sweet 35 is "quite wide", i wouldn't bring the accessories with me.
check this blog entry so that you can check examples of the Sweet 35 and the differences to the Double Glass Optic focal length.

Hope it helps

Nuno Caldeira
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