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LENSBABY VIDEO: SPARK OR MUSE? posted by achilleas12 December 30, 2012 06:45AM reply | quote
posted by achilleas12

I just found out about these amazing lenses and I wanna have a first go.

I don't mind the fluidity and randomness of SPARK and MUSE I think.

The question is this:
Do you think that the fixed apperture of 5.6 in SPARK is really limiting? Will I have problems with shooting just with that?

I have a Canond 60D

many thanks!

Re: LENSBABY VIDEO: SPARK OR MUSE? posted by photosnod December 31, 2012 01:39AM reply | quote
posted by photosnod

I have the little brother to your camera the t2i, I would use the composer with a sweet 35 if its not in your budget go for the double glass model. I think you might find them a little easier than the claw type grip needed with the other two lens bodies.

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Re: LENSBABY VIDEO: SPARK OR MUSE? posted by KeithN January 02, 2013 07:59AM reply | quote
posted by KeithN
Hi achilleas12,

I don't think that you'll have problems with the fixed f 5.6 aperture for shooting video with the Spark.

Like photosnod said, the Composer or Composer Pro could be better if you want steadier video.

If, like you mentioned, you like the fluidity of the Muse or Spark, they can work well and give you a look that the Composer couldn't. They work great for those active, POV type shots.

I hope that helps!
Re: LENSBABY VIDEO: SPARK OR MUSE? posted by achilleas12 January 10, 2013 07:34PM reply | quote
posted by achilleas12
thanks guys!

in the end I chose the MUSE and SWEET 35.
Haven't received it yet but since my camera is crop frame I think the 35mm was a must (and I would really appreciate the flexibility of fast F changes).

let's see, im quite excited!!

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