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Flash settings

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Flash settings posted by Will_s1986 November 20, 2012 11:19PM reply | quote
posted by Will_s1986

I'm new to lensbaby and I have got the composer with double glass optic and my camera is the Nikon D3100! I have worked out that I can only use the lens with camera and flash in manual mode but can someone well me or at least point me in the right direction of what I need to put the flash intensity in?!?

Hope this made some sence will
Re: Flash settings posted by PBlais April 23, 2014 05:43AM reply | quote
posted by PBlais
Yup, A Nikon D3100 as well as all D3xxx and D5xxx cameras are totally manual - no camera light meter enabled. You go manual mode and set ISO and shutter speed then focus the Lensbaby and shoot. I shoot a D5200 but I used to have a D3100. I don't have an advantage over you that way.

1. First option just get better at guessing and reading the histogram off the camera after each shot. That works but you have to stick with it. You double the ISO or shutter until it is bright enough.

2. OR buy a cheap old school light meter. You can get them for about $40 used ebay usually has a bunch any day of the week. Most are in nice condition. I have a Gossen Pro F ($37) and it seems complicated until you read the directions and then you'll love it. That will set your shutter speed based on the lensbaby F stop and your ISO setting on the camera. It will show all possible F stop / shutter speed combinations too. It's pretty slick how they work. No LED's all just manual dials you turn.

A light meter reading will be close but you may want to boost the ISO or decrease shutter speed from where you started after the first shot. Then you can tweak it and go for composition. I'm just getting the hang of it myself. But it may be better than shooting by guessing until your eye is well trained (mine isn't yet). The meter will get your mind right and then you can learn to adjust from there. Practice with a little help is how that works.

The D7000 and all the Nikon FX cameras can use the light meter in aperture mode so we are out of luck for that. Flash using iTTL would be better too but not applicable to us.

Adding the flash means you need a manual flash mode or you need to experiment more. The pop up flash is going to be harder because it's just going to fire. With flash usually you expose the base image then add the flash adjusting the amount in half stops for the subject.

Without a camera meter it's manual flash only. You can use an old school light meter to set the image then add the flash to experiment to get the exposure. The meter can add the reading to the flash reading. It's how you do multiple flashes old school. You only want one but adding more would follow after the first one.

Show no fear, waste virtual film, and figure out how you shot anything that comes out nice. It's how everybody good gets there. Most of all have more fun going manual!

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Re: Flash settings posted by ranfoto April 23, 2014 08:05AM reply | quote
posted by ranfoto

Here here ! or maybe it's hear hear or .....manual image making is the way to getting things right .

With film I had to get in the ball park with a Polaroid test, very expensive, then bracket the film....just in case the meter setting was a little off .

Today ....the roid is built in to the body so nice and easy, plus anything not up to par can be deleted, so why do folks still purchase Holgas'.....?

Or shoot with Lensbabys.....maybe it's just never going to be a perfect world we image .....:)

Maybe perfect is a bit boring compared to surprising or amazing ....

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