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Edge 80 exposure problem

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Edge 80 exposure problem posted by JMK September 21, 2012 03:41PM reply | quote
posted by JMK
Hi everyone

I'm an old Lensbaby fan from older times. I have both old and these new lens/optic systems.

From the begining of my Edge 80 route I have been in a exposure problem with composer pro and Edge combination. Always, when tilting the optic to those side positions, exposure is moving to loger times and as well to over exposures. Exposure varies several f-stops.

An yes I'm using mostly Av-mode and Canon 5DmkII body.

Do You others have same kind of problems or am I alone with this?
Re: Edge 80 exposure problem posted by donnyconnor September 22, 2012 02:40AM reply | quote
posted by donnyconnor


I just bought Edge 80 and have the same problem as yours. the other problem is white balance, when stopping down an apprerture to 8 up to 22, the picture turns to be more orange.
Re: Edge 80 exposure problem posted by JMK September 22, 2012 03:46AM reply | quote
posted by JMK
Thanks,I´m not alone.

I have solved problem with all manual settings. It is not as easy as Av and Awb, but it works.

There must be something with Canon sensors, I guess.
Re: Edge 80 exposure problem posted by Bazalf September 26, 2012 11:50PM reply | quote
posted by Bazalf
I use double glass optic and yes, i think I am having similar problem as well. Switching to spot metering may help a little, but yea, need to work with manual mode.
Re: Edge 80 exposure problem posted by Keri (Admin) October 03, 2012 03:03AM reply | quote
posted by Keri

With the Edge 80 in particular, metering can be a little wild b/c of the extreme tilt and the way the light hits the meter. This is typical with any tilt-shift lenses. When I'm using Edge 80 I always shoot in manual, take a test shot at what I guess will be a good shutter speed for exposure, and then adjust accordingly when I see how it turns out on the LCD and histogram.

Keri from Lensbaby

See more of my work at [kerifriedman.com] or [www.flickr.com]
Re: Edge 80 exposure problem posted by PBlais April 23, 2014 05:10AM reply | quote
posted by PBlais
I shoot a Nikon D5200 so I don't have any light meter. It's really manual. To get around it I just found a used Gossen light meter. They can be found for about $40 or less. IT's nice to take a reading and see all the f stop/shutter speeds based on ISO. You just spin the wheel to line up the light levels and you see all the possible options. You don't need a state of the art Sekonic meter. I like the Gosssen Pro F because it has only one scale and uses a 9 volt battery.

It can come in handy for doing flash exposure calculations too so for something inexpensive it's OK to have it in the bag. Going old school seems right when shooting the lens baby.

If your camera support spot metering then try that I use that on my fast glass. The out of focus does change the exposure and you may like it more or less exposed too.

Once you shoot you review and see how far off it is. Once you can find a pattern you can add an exposure correction to the meter and suddenly you have reliable light meter reading.

I'm taking this approach and feel I'll learn to see exposure better. That should improve all my shooting. Practice seems like the operative word. Wasting virtual film is a hobby I already know so it's easy.

It's still all good fun. Edge 80 is a great chunk of glass.

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