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Camera upgrade help

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Camera upgrade help posted by EccentricPolaroids August 31, 2012 08:08AM reply | quote
posted by EccentricPolaroids
Ok so I am a high school student, and I'm upgrading my camera from a Nikon l110 to a interchangeable lens camera and I'm going to start taking photography classes at a local community college. I'm serious about photograpy but still am not that great with terms nor am I that great at figuring out what camera is right for me. Here are two links to my current photos with my slr ( i think that's what a single lens is called)


I also want to learn how to do fisheye and better macro. Plz help! Idk really what to look for in a camera and need help.
Re: Camera upgrade help posted by SeanM September 10, 2012 12:42PM reply | quote
posted by SeanM

So I'm pretty new to interchangeable lenses too, but I noticed nobody wanted to post, so I thought I'd chime in a bit of what I'd learned so far.

Being a student, I'd go with something cheap and basic to start out. The few online resources I've read really seem to emphasize lens quality over body quality, especially for the beginner. You can always get a better camera body later, as long as the awesome lenses you buy now will fit it. I'd go with a basic starter DSLR package from like Costco or Amazon. They both have fairly inexpensive camera body packages, like the Nikon D3100, or The Canon T3i. You could even check Craigslist.

I bought my Canon T3 on a whim during a black friday mad dash through Walmart just last November, and someday, I'll get something more substantial, but while I'm getting the basics down, what I have is just perfect.
Re: Camera upgrade help posted by Marcum September 20, 2012 02:13PM reply | quote
posted by Marcum

As a die hard Nikonian I would suggest the d3200 or d5200 Nikon dSLR cameras if you cannot afford the d7000 or a full frame D600 or D800; get either with the 18-55mm kit lens or the 18-105mm. Then get a Lensbaby and start with the double glass optic in a Composer Pro or Muse. Maybe consider the Spark too.

I now use a d7000 but still have my d3100 for a back-up dSLR, the 7000 will work exposure with a Lensbaby in Aperture Priority or Manual. The d3100 was strictly manual all the way, but very workable. Not sure where the d3200 or d5200 are with the Lensbaby system.

Another way to go is with a Micro Four Thirds camera; OM Pen, OM-D (the best from what I have read), Panasonic and Lumix all use the same lenses; I use a couple of OM Pen E PL-1 cameras with regular MFT lenses, Lensbaby, and with an adapter most Nikon leses.

If you have the $$$$ a Sony Nex 7 is another mirror-less camera to consider and it has the same sensor size as the dSLR's.

Many to choose from, lots to learn and enjoy too.

God said, "Let there be light," and it was so....
Re: Camera upgrade help posted by ranfoto September 22, 2012 02:18PM reply | quote
posted by ranfoto

There are so many choices of camera systems, it is really hard when you're new to imaging and on a limited budget.

But as an old pro, I'd say go with either a simple Canon or Nikon body because the optics are plentiful and that means you can get better deals .

For Lensbaby use most Canon bodies have aperture priorty to help get exposure right. For Nikon, the entry level bodies don't have aperture priorty....go with the D100,200,300 etc bodies.

I love the Nikon D40 because it's affordable, light and disposable ....all my great Nikon optics fit and work with it.

For my serious work, I invested in the D800 Nikon ....best digital body I have used.....works with every lens I own too. I bought special adapters to use all my medium format optics on it.....but it's overkill for someone just starting out .

Invest your time and money in a system first, buy the best optics for what you want to do . Develop your style ...you need a wide angle, a medium telephoto, and maybe a kit zoom. Any Lensbaby ever made will be loads of fun to master, remember it's your own personal vision that really matters, not the lenses or brand of camera .

I have a Holga optic that I use on my D800 ....it makes images that I love, same with all my Lensbaby optics.

The choices are many, but you only need one lens and one body to develop your style.....simple always works as you learn what you like .

One opinion is as good as another too, your mind will always be your best tool.....

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