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Composer vs GH2

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Composer vs GH2 posted by david.rhsc May 14, 2012 10:51AM reply | quote
posted by david.rhsc

Jeebus I am an idiot. I just realized the mount is 4/3, not m4/3. That pretty much explains everything. Interestingly, the rental place (not naming names) advertises their lensbaby as micro-4/3. Otherwise I would have known I needed the adapter that I coincidentially just got a couple days ago.


As soon as I am certain that was the issue (I see references all over the board to people using 4/3->m4/3 adapters with lensbaby products) I'm going to send them an email and let them know.

Original post (most of it) below.


Apologies if this is in the wrong spot, but I hope I can relate my recent lensbaby experience and maybe even get some info for a fix.

I rented a composer with the standard double glass optic and the sweet 35 in micro 4/3 mount for my GH2. Had it for about a week, but could never get any "sweet spot" from it at all. Even in mid-afternoon full sun rocking f22 on either optic, nothing. All blur all the time.

I took it back to the rental house, and while they didn't have another composer on hand to test, they did test on both my camera body and one of theirs - same thing, no luck.

Does anyone have any GH2 + Lensbaby success stories?


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Re: Composer vs GH2 posted by picnic June 15, 2012 11:50PM reply | quote
posted by picnic
I have used Lensbabies with my G1, GF1 and G3 with success (and used the old LB 2.0 on my 5D). I have both the 4/3 mount which I use with a 4/3 to m4/3 adapter and then last year I bought the m4/3 mount Tilt Transformer. It is two pieces--the transformer part has the ball and allows it to be connected to either a Nikkor lens for real tilt shooting or another part called Front Focus which then makes it essentially a Composer but wider FOV. It, sadly, is no longer being sold but has been replaced, I believe, by the Composer Pro in m4/3 mount.

However, I have used it successfully and really enjoy it so am not sure why you aren't able to get a sweet spot with the GH2. Here's a link to one shot on Pbase (with the Tilt Transformer and Front Focus making it essentially a Composer) but if you go forward or backward in that gallery you will see lots of shots on the G1 I believe with both the Front Focus (Composer results) and tilt with a NIkkor lens (most of the time an old Nikkor Af 35/2) so you can see the diffrence with more normal Lensbaby results and the same subject with tilt shooting with no distortion.

I am assuming you are shooting in manual focus and have it set to "shoot w/o lens" in settings.

BTW, I shoot mostly with the f2.8 disc. Never have tried to stop it down a great deal--at the most f/5.6.


This one is with the Nikkor for true tilt shooting.

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