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Tilt Shift?????

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Tilt Shift????? posted by Djp May 03, 2012 07:53AM reply | quote
posted by Djp
Hey guys just wondering what lensbaby and optics would be best to use for tilt shift photography and tilt shift videos from my DSLR?
Re: Tilt Shift????? posted by ranfoto September 23, 2012 09:13AM reply | quote
posted by ranfoto

http://lensbaby.com/forum/file.php?1,file=39673In my opinion Lensbabys don't truly tilt/shift ....you can Bend the original Lb's and the Muse into a shifted position, but it's hard to hold in that position .

I modified a 3G Lensbaby to tilt/shift with a Nikor PC optic, had to remove the double glass optic to make it work of course .

So you're probably going to just get a shifted sweet spot with the Lensbaby and some nice edge blur for effect, unless you modify the configuration.

The Control Freak with the double glass stopped down and shifted would be close match and maybe a good fisheye conversion lens on the front for a wide viewpoint.

The Lensbaby fisheye combo doesn't like to Bend or shift ...that's why it works best in the Scout Lensbaby, so
if you really want tilt/shift you have to go with a tilt/shift configuration not a Lens-Bender ?

I hope this all makes sense....it's easier to see then to explain .

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Re: Tilt Shift????? posted by cmpotts October 15, 2012 11:58PM reply | quote
posted by cmpotts

Depends on what camera body you're using. I have a canon and am using a Lensbaby Composer and the Edge 80. It's not a true tilt shift, but it give the same effect and makes for some lovely dreamy photos.

Carina Potts
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