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sweet 35 not working properly?

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sweet 35 not working properly? posted by seiperotto February 01, 2012 05:48PM reply | quote
posted by seiperotto
Hi all,
i have some really annoying issues with my sweeet 35 on a canon 7d.
I put my camera on the tripod to facilitate my comprehension of with this new optic but there's something missing.
If i put the focus spot in the center of the frame everything works fine but problems grow if i mess around with the optic.
Any time i tilt the composer in any direction, it moves all the frame and not only the focus point.
While with the double glass optic the scene stays as composed in the viewfinder and only the focus point moves around, with the sweet 35 i got everything shifted in the direction of the tilting movement.
Is it normal? Did i misunderstood something?
Thank you for the eventual answers,

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Re: sweet 35 not working properly? posted by Victoria Bell February 06, 2012 02:50PM reply | quote
posted by Victoria Bell


I think you're noticing this more with the Sweet 35 than the double glass because it's wider. Actually, if you tilt the composer off-center with any optic, it will change the focus, and "move the frame". Maybe you should try tilting in smaller increments at first.

Hope this helps.

Victoria Bell

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