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overexposure posted by Sabsylma November 15, 2011 12:26PM reply | quote
posted by Sabsylma
I am a newbye. A friend who works a lot with Diana lens recommended Muse for my Pentax. At the first shoot I noticed that a half of my images are overexposed. I am quite a beginner with SLR too so I can't figure out why some are overexposed and similar others are not. Will appreciate any help!
Re: overexposure posted by Kirsten (Admin) November 21, 2011 06:23AM reply | quote
posted by Kirsten

Hi there,

Pentax cameras work perfectly in Aperture Priority or Manual mode. Set the ISO on the camera, the aperture on the Lensbaby. In Aperture Priroity mode the camera will set the shutter speed for you. In Manual mode, the light meter works and you set the shutter speed yourself.

Kirsten Hunter
Director of Customer Happiness

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