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Epiphany posted by Outback November 12, 2011 05:16AM reply | quote
posted by Outback

I wanted to take a self-portrait while I was on my bike route this morning. I am a serious advocate of gratifying my own ego. What can I say?

I set up the shot using my Composer and wide open DGO. The shot I wanted was from across the road with the woods for a background (enclosed lead photo.) I set my camera with a 10 second, self-timer delay and 10 shot continuous burst of exposures.

Earlier on my ride I had greeted a couple of runners and thought I could capture a good shot of the two as they crested the hill behind me. I was well ahead of the pair when I stopped for my self-portrait and figured I had plenty of time to set up the shot. Then it started raining and I dropped my glasses (3 times)...

Anyway, they were on me before I had time to set up the shot. The Sweetspot and focus were all wrong and I had completely forgotten my self-timer/continuous burst settings. I tried for a snapshot while frantically attempting to adjust the sweetspot and focus. *CLICK* nothing. What the heck...? Then it dawned on me the camera was giving me a 10 second grace period of countdown and I could focus and adjust the Sweetspot on the fly.

I've always had a problem photographing people in motion with my Lensbaby. I need to deliberately set up my shots and fail more than succeed. This techinque, which in retrospect is a no brainer, allows me to increase my odds of success with people in motion. YMMV but I wanted to share it just the same. Series enclosed...


Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. (Thomas A. Edison)
Re: Epiphany posted by TG-J (Admin) November 22, 2011 03:27PM reply | quote
posted by TG-J

John. Kirsten has started a post called " just me" on the general discussion forum. I recon we should start dumping self portraits on her post. Sure she would love it.
Re: Epiphany posted by el-roi December 14, 2011 08:17AM reply | quote
posted by el-roi
Wow! Thanks for sharing that little lens adventure. Sometimes you just stumble upon something that works. We might as well come up with a name for this new technique. How about we call it the Timed Focus Burst!!

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