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Composer Pro with sweet 35 on Nikon d90

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Composer Pro with sweet 35 on Nikon d90 posted by tapy17 September 24, 2011 01:26PM reply | quote
posted by tapy17
hi i have just received the composer pro with sweet 35. I am not able to get sharp pictures some how. i am not sure what am i doing wrong. please advise.
Re: Composer Pro with sweet 35 on Nikon d90 posted by donnaolm October 05, 2011 03:51AM reply | quote
posted by donnaolm

Tips from a fellow D90 shooter:

Careful how far you move the sweet spot. We have smaller sensors and you can move the sweet spot clear off the sensor area. Make small adjustments.

The most valuable tip I have - set your camera to manual focus using the switch on the front, lower left of your camera body. This allows you to choose a single focus point without having to go through the menus. Move your chosen focus point to the area of the photos you want to be sharp. Look through the viewfinder while pushing the shutter button halfway down as you focus. The camera will show a green dot when that chosen point is in focus. It will blink when you are close and if that point is out of focus you will have no green dot.

There is probably an easier way - but this is what works for me. If all else fails I go to live view - hit the "+" button on the back left of the camera to magnify the view and then move the magnified view to the area of the screen I want in focus. When using this method be careful to keep the shot framed up and remember you are only seeing a fraction of the frame. (you can hit the "+" button more than once for greater magnification.)

Hope these D90 specific tips help you out. Just keep shooting and your success rate will increase with practice.
Re: Composer Pro with sweet 35 on Nikon d90 posted by donnaolm October 05, 2011 05:30AM reply | quote
posted by donnaolm

Sorry, forgot to mention that the green "in focus" dot can be found on the bottom left when looking through the viewfinder.

You may also want to double check to make sure your diopter didn't get bumped and changed. An incorrect diopter setting can give me eye strain when spending long periods of time trying to get sharp LB sweet spots.

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