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tilt transformer and nikon lens

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tilt transformer and nikon lens posted by aphoto August 15, 2011 11:35AM reply | quote
posted by aphoto
when i use a nikon lens on the tilt transformer on an m4/3. I notice very little going on. is the effect very subtle, do others very obviously see an effect. I try it twisted in all directions as well as straight, ??? thanks

this has been my story ever since I bought the lens, if i should be improving I don't think i am.
Re: tilt transformer and nikon lens posted by Joe Nation August 15, 2011 06:58PM reply | quote
posted by Joe Nation

What focal length and aperture are you using? Never used a TT so I don't know if/how focal length affects the image, but using a small aperture will reduce your depth of field, and thus reduce the amount of blur. If you're using a newer lens without an aperture ring it might be only able to shoot fully stopped down, which will probably be at least f/22. Try finding an older lens with an aperture ring and shoot wide open (at least f/4, preferably f/2 or larger).
Re: tilt transformer and nikon lens posted by picnic August 21, 2011 08:02AM reply | quote
posted by picnic
I shoot with an F mount 24/2.8 and 35/2 and usually try to follow a plane of focus for the effect I want. For the greatest effect you need to shoot as wide open as possible which will give you the smallest wedge of focus possible. You will use the tilt to move that wedge of focus where you want. If you want a deep DOF using the tilt to increase perception of DOF then you will carefully tilt with a more stopped down aperture and check both the foreground and furthest you want in focus and keep adjusting until it suits you. This is the joy of liveview with tilt lens.

You can check my gallery (click on picnic-the first page is all taken with tilt) to see shots from these two lenses on a G1 as well as some with some FD lenses and a Fotodiox Nikon to FD adapter. I'm only shooting with the two Nikkor lenses now.

What lenses are you using?


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