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Getting down to low f-stops

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Getting down to low f-stops posted by bokehboy May 24, 2011 09:47PM reply | quote
posted by bokehboy
Hi everyone, I am a new boy, sort of, and this is my first posting so please forgive me if I am going over old ground. I tried looking thruogh previous posts first before bothering you guys.
I have a Nikon D3000 which is what I intend to use with my Composer, the problem is, when I attach it and select "A" or Manual, the f stops don't go down as far as they do sometimes when I have a standard lens fitted.
The camera is also new to me and only adds to my frustration, I want to at least have half a chance of getting a descent image so want to sort this out before I try.
Thanks for listening, sorry if I have said more than normal in a post, but as I said, this is my first and I only registered moments ago.
Thank you
Re: Getting down to low f-stops posted by Superthor May 25, 2011 06:40AM reply | quote
posted by Superthor
The F stop setting in the camera,depending on camera type,is usually totally meaningless when using the composer,the aperture discs you recieved with your lens,is your F/stop setting.
Try this:
Bright sunlight:iso 200,aperture ring 5.6-8
Cloudy daylight:iso 200-400,ring 2.8-4
Dusk:iso 400-600,ring 2.8
These values are of course just guidelines,if you keep practising with your camera,you Will figure it out better.


Homer Simpson
Re: Getting down to low f-stops posted by bokehboy May 26, 2011 09:32PM reply | quote
posted by bokehboy
Thank you, that makes a lot of sense and clears up a lot of other things, looks like it is back to my old Zenit "B" days, much appreciated
Re: Getting down to low f-stops posted by Joe Nation May 30, 2011 05:56PM reply | quote
posted by Joe Nation

Also bear in mind that the aperture will affect the amount of the image that is in focus. Small numbers means more blur. You should adjust the ISO number and shutter speed to ensure correct exposure.

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Re: Getting down to low f-stops posted by bokehboy May 31, 2011 09:35PM reply | quote
posted by bokehboy
Thank you Joe, advice like this is priceless as it comes from people who have tried and tested the lens. Sometimes books oversimplify things and I much prefer to trust people who have used the item.
Thank you again, I will give it a try, I don't expect to achieve prize winning results straight away, but one day? Maybe...............you never know
Re: Getting down to low f-stops posted by TG-J (Admin) May 31, 2011 10:18PM reply | quote
posted by TG-J

When your camera is metering with a normal lens it is doing so with the aperture fully open and compensating for the amount the aperture will close down , according to the aperture you have set. With the LB the meter is metering with the lens stopped down, The amount of light you are recording will not change and the fstops are virtually irrelevant. You need to use an auto that just adjusts your shutter speed and maybe some compensation. Once you have found the right combo changing apertures should not affect your auto settings. It will affect your shutter speeds.tony

This sorta explains it better. It is for canon but the principals are the same.
If you attach a non-EF lens to your older Canon EOS film camera, the camera notices that the lens doesn’t have a working computer and goes into stop-down metering mode. It nonetheless displays a full range of apertures, which you can set from 1.0 to 32.

Set the camera’s aperture setting to 1.0 and leave it there.

Do not set the camera’s aperture value to match that of the lens. In fact, I don’t know why the camera lets you change the aperture setting at all, since it only screws things up by overexposing the image.

If your lens has an adjustable aperture (usually an aperture ring on the barrel) you must do the adjustment on the lens itself, not the camera. This will obviously vary the amount of light entering the camera. The camera reads it and meters from that accordingly.

Now, since the camera isn’t capable of adjusting the aperture setting on the lens it can’t work in P (program), Tv (shutter speed priority) or PIC (icon) modes with such a lens, but it’ll work just fine in Av (aperture priority) and M (manual) modes.

In Av mode you set the lens aperture using the lens aperture ring and the camera’s aperture setting to 1.0 and then camera will set a shutter speed automatically. In M mode you set the aperture using the lens aperture ring and then set the shutter speed on the camera yourself.

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