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Cutting a creative aperture - go large or keep it small?

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Cutting a creative aperture - go large or keep it small? posted by TimA December 12, 2010 08:48PM reply | quote
posted by TimA
Hi there - I just took delivery of my LB Composer here in Dubai (thanks B&H) and bought 10 Creative Aperture discs to go with it. I'm lucky enough to have access to an industrial marking laser so ought to be able to make some very detailed CrAps ;-). Gotta love that acronym....

My question is how will get the best, sharply defined highlights? I've searched the forum and some of the other sources on this site and elsewhere so sorry if I've missed something. Before I start 'cutting my first disc' can anyone answer the following?

Which combination of large or small aperture and close or distant focus tends to give the clearest outlines to a highlight shape? Or is it the relative size of the subject's highlight itself which is the major influence?

The first project I have in mind is a night skyline, largely in focus anyway so I guess that means using a small aperture, but I want a distinct pattern - almost text like - to the highlights.

And am I better off with a wide cut shape or narrow shape - imagine the difference between a normal font and a double bolderised font. Same height but much wider. Will my "narrow font" give me a more sharply defined highlight. Logic seems to suggest it would but who knows? Maybe you experts......

Thanks for any pointers in the right direction.

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