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Returning User - Pentax Question

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Returning User - Pentax Question posted by mapleleaf14 October 22, 2010 10:01AM reply | quote
posted by mapleleaf14
Hey all!

I used the original LB several years ago with my Nikon gear, but have been out of photography for a few years. Sold everything a couple of years ago and have been doing photography with my iPhone!!!

Well, the bug bit me again and just today I ordered a Pentax K7 with some lenses and also ordered the LB Composer with double glass optic, plastic optic, and the wide converter (21mm).

Have had a small interest in Pentax for a long time and after using a ton of Nikon kit, then some Canon gear, I went with the Pentax when I was able to get a good deal.

Question is...does anyone have any info/advice for settings on the Pentax to best use the LB?

Someone told me that compared to the Nikon I used (D70 and D2h), the Pentax is easier, but I don't know if that is true.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Returning User - Pentax Question posted by ranfoto October 26, 2010 05:32AM reply | quote
posted by ranfoto

If the Pentax meter works with manual Lensbaby lenses in aperature priorty, then you can just shoot away .

The Nikons like the D70 didn't work in any mode except manual set it yourself......Canon's were just point and Bend, so if that's the case with the Pentax you've acquired then you've got it made !

But like all things that become too easy....will you be challenged enough to keep at it ?
Re: Returning User - Pentax Question posted by Xadacka December 10, 2010 02:22AM reply | quote
posted by Xadacka
I shoot pentax k-7 and have the Composer with double glass optic, Just switch it over to Av and you're ready to go :)

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