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How to change aperture rings

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How to change aperture rings posted by ok21 September 03, 2010 06:57PM reply | quote
posted by ok21

I have bought Lensbaby composer with double glass. Default aperture ring is f4. I tried to replace it on other from set, but I do not understand how to do it. It is written to to use tip of the wang, but 3 little magnets hold aperture ring and I do not know how to lift it.
Additionally what's screw tool to replace double glass on other optic?
Re: How to change aperture rings posted by ranfoto September 04, 2010 03:52AM reply | quote
posted by ranfoto

The end of the aperture holder is magnetized, you touch the aperture in your optic and lift the aperture out.

To replace the aperture you just set it in place with your fingers and let the three magnets grab it......very simple.

The Swap Optics come with a plastic screw case, the black bottom part has three nubs that fit into special slots on the outside of the Swap Optic .....you give the optic a slight twist to remove and replace the SWap Optic lens in and out of your Composer .

There are links at the top of this Forum to.... How to Guides....once you see the video it will become clear on how to do it .

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