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impossible to use the composer

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impossible to use the composer posted by sucrine August 29, 2010 05:10PM reply | quote
posted by sucrine
hello everyone,
i've just received my composer this morning and i can't put it on my canon 400d, it seems to be too small or i don't know, i can't lock it!!!! what did i miss ? i really don't understand, please, HELP
(and yes i've checked twice if the composer is for canon EF)
Re: impossible to use the composer posted by Keithnc August 29, 2010 10:51PM reply | quote
posted by Keithnc

I am not sure if I can help since I shoot Nikon, but another obvious question is, is the red dot lined up with the mark on your camera for mounting the lens? This may be why you can not "lock it".

You can try contacting the help desk (either e-mail or call) they are very helpfull and may be able to solve your problem.
Re: impossible to use the composer posted by Michael from Lensbaby (Admin) August 30, 2010 03:54AM reply | quote
Hi Sucrine,
Like Keith said: make sure the red dot on your mount is aligned with the dot on your camera body.
Still having trouble?
give us a call: 1 877 536 7222

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