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Hasselblad 500

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Hasselblad 500 posted by miadefleur August 14, 2010 02:34AM reply | quote
posted by miadefleur

Does any LBY fits in Hasselblad 500?

How to post bigger size of picture in forum as some people do!?
Re: Hasselblad 500 posted by ranfoto September 04, 2010 03:37AM reply | quote
posted by ranfoto

There are no Leaf shutter Lensbabies unless you want to make one yourself.

Lensbabys are for focal plane SLR cameras .....because there are so many and not too many folks want to hack their expensive leaf shutter lenses into an optic that is aberrated, but it can be done......:O

As to getting bigger image sizes in your posts, post your images at 600X800 pixels and the Lensbaby Forum software does it for for you .
Re: Hasselblad 500 posted by atticus September 17, 2010 07:52PM reply | quote
posted by atticus
if it can be done who or what type of person could do this? As a matter of fact make the adjustment to any medium format?
Re: Hasselblad 500 posted by Pieter_vR October 08, 2010 07:45PM reply | quote
posted by Pieter_vR


i saw this post Nikon D700 with a Custom Tilt-Shift Rig on PetaPixel about someone who used a bellows with an old Kodak lens on his Nikon. Maybe it works with a (modified) Hasselblad AutoBellows. It wil take some work but if it works, its a lot cheaper than the original Flexbody.
Re: Hasselblad 500 posted by ranfoto October 26, 2010 05:13AM reply | quote
posted by ranfoto

All you need to make your Bender work with a Hasselblad is a leaf shutter that connects to the camera .

The problem is that no one wants to destroy a Hassey lens to make a Bender .

For medium format film Bending I use a Pentax 67 body that uses a focal plane shutter . The shutter is in the body not the lens like the Hassey 500 camera.

Lensbaby made a lens for Pentax 67's too, but times have changed and digital cameras have rendered film and most medium format cameras to the back of the pack .

Anyone interested in this topic can use search the LB forum archives to see my old posts on Medium format Bending and DIY Bending lenses.

Mamiya focal plane medium format cameras are easy to make Bender lenses for too and the new ones have digital backs in 645 available......

I like using my tiny Nikon D40 and all my Lensbaby toys to Bend with so I stopped making custom Benders.....but it was fun making one off stuff + I've either bought or adapted every optic I own to my Nikon digital bodies to play with !

Too many toys......not enough time.......nothing's impossible if you put your heaRt and mind into the idea :)

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