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Optic swap system

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Optic swap system posted by caz1260 June 01, 2010 02:34AM reply | quote
posted by caz1260

I'm a bit confused! I have the LBO and wondered if the optic swap system would fit onto it (or do I have to upgrade?). Also, can I add a wide-angle onto the Original (the thread is the same as that on the macro lenses which do fit so i guess it should) and finally, does the wide-angle fit into the optic (I fancy the double glass) which then fits (hopefully) onto the Original / Muse?

Actually, there is another finally: how on earth do you decide which of the many combinations to go with!

Thanks in advance for all help
Re: Optic swap system posted by Keithnc June 01, 2010 04:36AM reply | quote
posted by Keithnc

The LBO is fixed lens and can not use the Optic swap system. You would need to upgrade to the Muse which is sold with either the single or double glass.

The wide angle should work on the LBO and the swap system. I also have the 3G and it works on it.

Your last question would depend on what kind of pictures you like. Check out the option under GALLERY above then Optic comparison to see what each lens looks like.
Re: Optic swap system posted by Captured Light June 01, 2010 10:49AM reply | quote
posted by Captured Light

To use the optic swap system, you need a Composer, Muse or Control Freak. The previous generations are fixed optic lenses.

Wide angle and LBO - sure. Anything with 37mm threads will fit and work.

How do you decide? You don't it's a devious scheme created by the Lensbaby people....the only solution is to buy them all!!! As mentioned, you can use the gallery to better plan your purchases.

Now, quit asking questions and go out and shoot!! :O)

Re: Optic swap system posted by caz1260 June 02, 2010 03:27AM reply | quote
posted by caz1260

Thanks both; that was really helpful.

Rick: I think you're right about the Devious Scheme! Trouble is, I'm a typical Libran (very indecisive) so I simply can't choose what effect I like best. (PS You have some fantastic photos in your gallery!)

Now, I'm off shooting...... :-)


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Re: Optic swap system posted by caz1260 June 05, 2010 06:18PM reply | quote
posted by caz1260

OK a final question as I'm still a bit confused.

I want to be able to recreate the sharpness I've seen in the galleries so I guess I need the double glass optic (on either the Muse or Composer). But, I believe these come with double glass installed, so do you then put the double glass optic on as well, or would just the lens give me that?

Of course, it could be that the LBO will give that sharpness but I just haven't got the proper hang yet.....

Thanks in advance
Re: Optic swap system posted by ranfoto June 06, 2010 05:21AM reply | quote
posted by ranfoto

Here's the skin-Ehee on your dilemma !

The Lensbaby "Original" has a simple "Base" optic that is soft, it's fantastic for certain imaging .

Then Lensbaby came out with the 2.0 model, it has the sharper glass optic, probably the (Base) optic you desire .....both of the early models had retaining rings to keep the Base optic or lens secured. They were not made to change (Base) optics like the recent Muse, Composer, or Control Freak models.

While I'm on the subject, the 3G model was the last of the non interchangable style models, but it used the 2.0 glass .

Now to your dilemma: Go to my gallery, look at the images showing how the early models can be modified and how they come apart.

If you follow my how to....you will learn to safely remove the "Original" (Base) optic and then you can just stick the optics from the Optic Swap System into your early model .

Update info

Note: The Base optic has to be removed before you can add the new Swap Optic into the space.....you may not be able to hold the swap optic in place with the retaining ring reinstalled.....sorry I forgot, this is all just very makeshift anyway, but you can focus and make use of the Swap Optic for fun in the early model Lensbabies this way .

They won't fit securely, as they aren't meant to be used in the early models, but you can image this way .

I do suggest that you purchase a newer Lensbaby, maybe the Composer after you get some Bending under your belt, but it is possible to modify your "Original" Equipment in a pinch or in my case by desire for lots of fun and discovery .

Warning!!! Removing the retainer ring is not recommended unless you understand that it is possible to ruin the finnish of the ring by not having or using the proper methods.

The Lensbaby folks know that most users are not equiped to take the early models apart, so it is not recommended to do it because they don't offer any optics available for modification.

I hope this is clear .....it's not recommended.....as you can destroy the value of your Lensbaby if you tear up the outside finnish of that retaining ring .

The basics of the Lensbaby are: It comes with a BASE optic inside.

To change the perspective you add or subtract apertures and attach conversion lenses to the BASE optic.

The newest models have Swap Optics, the early models do not.

All models of Lensbabies use apertures and have 37mm threads to attach conversion lenses to their particular Base optic.

The "Original" model used a washer system to hold the apertures, then starting with the 2.0 model the apertures were retained with a magnetic system inside the Base optic.

Washers got lost, so they were replaced in the 2.0 and newer models with magnets and metalized apertures .

I hope this bit of historical info helps new users get the hang of basic Bending and why you can do some creative mods yourself.....if so inclined and even if not recommended !

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Re: Optic swap system posted by caz1260 June 07, 2010 06:10AM reply | quote
posted by caz1260

Thanks Ran D (Randy?) - I think I get it now. Or rather, I will when the postman comes ... yep, I ordered a Composer! I'll still use the LBO but I think I'll pass on dismantling then mantling!

I'll also continue to look on this site for inspiration and, of course, keep bending!


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