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Pin hole/ zone plate help

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Pin hole/ zone plate help posted by stewils May 28, 2010 07:15AM reply | quote
posted by stewils
New lensbaby user here.
So, how do I use the pin hole/ zoneplate?
From my playing around the zone plate gives very fuzzy pictures and the pin hole less fuzzy but out of focus.
How can I focus these shots? Does it matter? Does it work best on close or distant objects? How, for the pin hole, can I frame them?

Thanks for our help.


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Re: Pin hole/ zone plate help posted by Keithnc May 28, 2010 10:32PM reply | quote
posted by Keithnc

What is your definition of fuzzy pictures? Pinhole and zone plate pictures won't be tack sharp, they have an old time look, kind of fuzzy appearance. If you created a pinhole camera for film the pictures would look the same. I have attached a pinhole shot of a hydro- electric dam below the lake to give you an idea. The zoneplate will give you a kind of glow around subjects(second pix).

You can turn the focus ring (I am guessing you have a Composer) but it won't help with the focus. I think it wirks like a zoom if I remember.

Getting the picture right will take some trial and error depending on the conditions. Generally I shoot the pinhole between a second and 2 seconds in manual mode (Nikon D200). Zoneplate less (1/15, 1/30). Hope this helps.

*** Also look above under Gallery/ Optic comparsion and you could get an idea what they should look like. There use to be a html document on the web site with tips for the pinhole/zoneplate but could not find it.

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Re: Pin hole/ zone plate help posted by danecreekfolios May 30, 2010 02:09PM reply | quote
posted by danecreekfolios
The zone plate is a ton of fun, but definitely takes getting used to. I find it works best if you have a scene that either has many points of light in it, or lots of little detail to pick up reflections. Each point of light will take on an interesting effect, and bright edges will come out almost like they are glowing. There's no real way to focus it. Enjoy the lack of focus :)

Here are a couple of my blog entries that feature photos taken with a zone plate. Hopefully they provide you some inspiration!

Halfway Tree, Manitoba
Great Stuff Vintange Furnishings
Long Shot 2010!
Badwater, California

Neil Enns

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Re: Pin hole/ zone plate help posted by stewils May 31, 2010 04:04AM reply | quote
posted by stewils
Thanks for that, good to get that cleared up. I'll have to spend more time playing with them now ;)
Any tips for framing, especially with the pin hole?

Re: Pin hole/ zone plate help posted by danecreekfolios May 31, 2010 04:10AM reply | quote
posted by danecreekfolios
I haven't done much with the pinhole, sorry. Also, it takes quite a bit of post processing on both pinhone and zone plate images to get something useful. In particular with the zone plate I find you need to (in Lightroom) move the Blacks slider over quite a bit to get the fun colours to really come through.
Re: Pin hole/ zone plate help posted by jennie July 11, 2010 02:32AM reply | quote
posted by jennie
I've just started out using the pinhole/zone plate, too. The simplest way to be able to see something for framing when shooting pinhole is to slide the optic thingy over to zoneplate to let a bit more light in, compose your shot, then slide it back to pinhole. I also find that "live view" (using the lcd instead of the viewfinder) is a bit easier.

If there really is no "purpose" to turning the focus ring, I think I'll put the pinhole/zoneplate optic into my LB muse, and just leave the focus alone, leaving my composer free for the doubleglass. Any opinions/help on this?
Re: Pin hole/ zone plate help posted by ranfoto July 13, 2010 03:57AM reply | quote
posted by ranfoto

Jennie: The closer you have the pinhole/zoneplate to your cameras sensor the better the results in my opinion, so in reality it probably doesn't matter which Lensbaby you use it with.

For those Lensbaby users that like to make their own Bending tools, you could use an extra body cap bored out to attach the zoneplate/pinhole swap optic into, just make it a light tight fit.....so many possibilities !

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