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Composer Overexposure Help

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Composer Overexposure Help posted by ggrrrrrr May 01, 2010 09:43AM reply | quote
posted by ggrrrrrr
I've had my lensbaby composer paired with my D700 for about a month now and just added the fisheye optic. I went outside today to take some shots and for some reason every one of my shots with the double glass optic were overexposed. Attached are some pictures of the same tree and you can see how overexposed the non fisheye pics are (I also used a couple of my Nikor lenses and they looked fine). The pictures were taken around 3:30 and I just tried again at 6:30 and got the same result. I switched aperture disks from F5.6 and F22 and reset the camera settings... nothing changed. Exposure compensation helped somewhat.

I shoot in manual mode or aperture priority and always set the non-cpu lens data to the current disk so the camera knows which aperture to use when metering. I then meter the camera normally and have taken pictures outside before without overexposure like this.

Has anyone else had this problem? Any guidance or suggestions are certainly appreciated.

Re: Composer Overexposure Help posted by marknpb July 31, 2010 01:44PM reply | quote
posted by marknpb

try increasing your shutter speed until the light gets down to where you want it. It may take two to five shots, then you can leave the aperture where you prefer.

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