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LB Newbie can't set shutter speed

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LB Newbie can't set shutter speed posted by dogsworld April 25, 2010 07:33AM reply | quote
posted by dogsworld
Just bought a LB composer and can't set my shutter speeds. I am using a Canon Rebel T1i in aperture priorty mode. I know I use the discs to set my aperture, but my camera won't let me chagne the shutter speed. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

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Re: LB Newbie can't set shutter speed posted by Yossarian April 25, 2010 01:10PM reply | quote
posted by Yossarian
In Aperture Priority mode the shutter speed is set automatically by your Camera. In case the resulting picture after shooting is over- or underexposed, use exposure compensation to correct. (Trial and error).

Does this help? Or did I misinterpret your question?
Re: LB Newbie can't set shutter speed posted by daftmanic April 26, 2010 09:10AM reply | quote
posted by daftmanic
Yossarian is on point with his answer. You can also switch to manual mode if you would like to change the shutter speed.

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