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Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT - Lensbaby 3G - Help!

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Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT - Lensbaby 3G - Help! posted by yagelski April 25, 2010 07:24AM reply | quote
posted by yagelski
I've owned the Lensbaby 3G for a couple of years now, and just can't seem to master it's correct use with my Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT. All of my photos appear over-exposed. Examples are attached.

The floral close-up was shot indoors under extreme low-light conditions (Aperture Priority, Shutter 1/80, ISO 1600). I have found that I must shoot under these conditions to get a result that is even close to reasonable.

The outdoor photo was shot in late afternoon in shaded conditions (Aperture Priority, Shutter 1/4000, ISO 1600). You can see the "over-exposed" look. If I try to shoot in actual sunlight, the image is virtually indistinguishable.

Can anyone help this novice? It seems as though I have tried every setting possible, and only seem to make it worse. Advice on what camera settings will help me to obtain better results would make this a whole lot more fun.

Thank you.
Re: Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT - Lensbaby 3G - Help! posted by dogsworld April 25, 2010 07:38AM reply | quote
posted by dogsworld
I use the Rebel T1i and can't seem to chagne my shutter speed. Any advice?
Re: Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT - Lensbaby 3G - Help! posted by daftmanic April 26, 2010 09:16AM reply | quote
posted by daftmanic
This is where you want to use exposure compensation. Plus: lower your ISO.

These two things will instantly make better pictures. I use 1600 when hand-holding low-light, action shots. For still subjects, it seems a bit overkill. (Unless you like lots of grain, which I do.)

In any event, you are better off with a pic that's too dark then one that's blown out... Again, very subjective.

This should point you in the right direction. Maybe Ran D. will drop in on this one. :)
Re: Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT - Lensbaby 3G - Help! posted by yagelski April 30, 2010 01:45PM reply | quote
posted by yagelski
Thank you daftmanic!

I'm embarrassed to admit that I've used this camera for many years and never completely understood the function of the exposure compensation. Your response prompted me to re-read the camera's manual and in the process you've advanced my photography proficiency by leaps and bounds. I thought that I had tried every adjustment possible. How did I miss this important aperture priority function? <sigh>

I haven't fully tested the Lensbaby 3G in all conditions, but in tests under different indoor lighting, I was able to adjust the exposure to obtain much better and repeatable results. I hope to get outdoors this weekend and continue my education on exposure compensation with the Lensbaby 3G.

My gratitude to Lensbaby for having this forum available, and to the knowledgeable contributors like daftmanic who provide valuable assistance to wannabe photographers like me.
Re: Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT - Lensbaby 3G - Help! posted by daftmanic May 01, 2010 04:09AM reply | quote
posted by daftmanic
You're welcome. It's often overlooked because I think camera builders just assume people know what every button does. Takes some fiddling around. Chances are if the button is next to your right thumb or forefinger, it will help you fine tune your pics and are worth learning more about. That's my "rule of thumb." It's a pun, but that's totally what it should be called. hahaha... :)

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