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Aperture priority with Nikon D700 and two other questions

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Aperture priority with Nikon D700 and two other questions posted by sniper_bcn January 23, 2010 04:58AM reply | quote
posted by sniper_bcn

Today I tested my new Composer + soft focus optic (I also have the double lens and single lens optics, but have not used them yet) on the Nikon D700, and there are a couple of things I don't understand:

I have read in this forum and elsewhere (or maybe I misunderstood this) that one should be able to set in camera the same aperture priority one is using on the optic. But the Nikon D700 won't let me. All I see is a "0" on the control panel. I want to work in manual mode, but I thought that one had to set the aperture value in the Aperure Priority mode before switching to fully manual, so that the camera knows what aperture you are using. Does this make sense? And if it does, why can't I set it? Am I doing soemthing wrong? Or there is no need to set it? And if there is no need, how does the camera know I'm using, say, the 5.6 or 8 aperture ring?

Also... the brief manual of the Composer says: 1) "Point the composer straight ahead and focus by turning the focus ring to bring the center of the image into focus." 2) Tilt the composer in the direction you want your sweet spot of sharp focus to move and then re-adjust the focus with the focus ring." So my question is... why should I focus when I'm pointing straight ahead if I will have to re-focus after tilting the composer?

Another question: I have noticed that in full manual mode, the focus points of the D700 are still working. I mean, I can use the multiselector to select different focus points. I guess this has no effect when shooting with the composer. But what I still don't understand is how do I know in which area of the image I see through the viewfinder is the "sweet spot of short focus". Is it always on the center? I cannot place it on one of the sides, or top or bottom of the image? How do you do that and how do you make sure where the sweet spot is? Let's say I'm shooting a portrait of a person and I want the sweet spor to be on one of her eyes, which are on the higher third of the frame. How do I do that?

And finally... can I attach the .6X Wide Angle / Macro Conversion Lens to the soft focus optic?

Thanks a lot for your help in advance,

Barcelona, Spain
Re: Aperture priority with Nikon D700 and two other questions posted by SKF January 24, 2010 11:49AM reply | quote
posted by SKF


You put the dial on aperture priority and just shoot. It is that simple. The camera does not know the aperture nor does it need to. It will meter the light and select a shutter speed that will give you a correct(ish) exposure. You might need to dial in a little exposure compensation or do what I do and let the camera bracket the shots for you. You do not tell the camera what aperture you are using. That is not possible.

In manual you need to select the correct shutter speed and again the camera will not know what aperture you have.

As for using the composer I best let soneone who uses one explain that. While waiting go shooting. You should be able to see an area of sharpness and then blur. Select a wide aperture disc (big hole) and play with that first. It should be obvious.


Re: Aperture priority with Nikon D700 and two other questions posted by platscha January 24, 2010 01:03PM reply | quote
posted by platscha
I feel your pain, I use the composer on a D300, aperture priority does not work, I use manual and guess at the shutter speed, I believe the aperture is what is in the composer, what ring you used. Someone told me to put a lens on your camera set to what aperture you want on aperture priority and when you remove the lens the camera will stay at that setting and then when you put composer on it will read that. Not true on my D300, as a matter of fact mine always reads now f11 when on ap priority and composer on and I cannot change the aperture rather it is on manual, aperture or shutter priority.
Re: Aperture priority with Nikon D700 and two other questions posted by mvuori January 25, 2010 06:04AM reply | quote
posted by mvuori
I believe that the camera is either broken or has some weird custom setting on, as aperture priority definitely should work, people have reported it as working and even the D200 has no problems shooting and metering in A mode.
Re: Aperture priority with Nikon D700 and two other questions posted by sniper_bcn January 25, 2010 07:00AM reply | quote
posted by sniper_bcn
Thanks to all of you for your feedback.

After some online research, I found that in the D700 you need to set the "Non CPU Lens Data" mode in the shooting menu in order to make the Aperture Priority mode available. Tomorrow I will experiment/check if this has any focusing advantage over the full manual mode. I guess it won't, but I just want to make sure.

(By the way, platschka, I think this should also work for you on your D300: if you are using, say, an f/8 aperture ring, just dial in F/8 for maximum aperture on the "Non CPU Lens Data" menu. I suggest dedicating one of the four shooting menu banks to the setting for the lensbaby.)


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Re: Aperture priority with Nikon D700 and two other questions posted by platscha January 25, 2010 01:50PM reply | quote
posted by platscha
Thanks for the info, I think a friend mentioned this once to me and I tried it with no success but I will try again. I actually do just fine working in manual mode which I normally shoot in already, so I am ok with setting the controls via that.

As for focusing, to the best of my limited knowledge you obtain all that by the focus ring on the composer, not by focusing with camera itself. Someone here helped me with that and I believe how I was told to do it was to have composer centered, not bent, focus turning ring on comp. then ever so lightly you can bend and reposition the focus if needed. My first problems were just plain bending (moving) the composer to much, something a good friend just mentioned I am still doing.

My next problem was I have very poor vision to start and I bought a diopter (I think it was called) for my camera that made a world of difference for me to determine what is in or out of focus.

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Re: Aperture priority with Nikon D700 and two other questions posted by creakingbones April 11, 2010 04:15PM reply | quote
posted by creakingbones
I only received my Composer today and I've found these answers most helpful when experimenting with the lense attached to my D700. What a lot of fun this lense is going to be.
Re: Aperture priority with Nikon D700 and two other questions posted by amatkins June 21, 2010 03:36AM reply | quote
posted by amatkins
Daniel, where did you find the info for the Non CPU Lens Data?

Just purchased mine, haven't tried to use it yet but looking forward to some great shots!
Re: Aperture priority with Nikon D700 and two other questions posted by Fane Blackstone June 30, 2010 06:57AM reply | quote
posted by Fane Blackstone

in regards of pointing forward and then tilting the composer towards the desired "sweet Spot".

If you first focus on your subject by pointing straight ahead. You will have to "re-adjust" less once you have moved the lens towards the sweet spot.

is only recomended because once you tilt the lens you may accidentaly move the focus ring.

I usually adjust the focus spot on my camera too.
just in case. Im not sure if its helping much.

I hope is clear enough and it helps.

and thanks for posting about your internet research.
I shoot with a D3000.
But I enjoy this disadvantage.

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Re: Aperture priority with Nikon D700 and two other questions posted by platscha June 30, 2010 12:20PM reply | quote
posted by platscha
in order to set the aperture in a D300 you have to hold down the dof button while removing a lens (not composer) which is set at the aperture you want to retain, then when you put on the composer your meter will read that aperture that was in camera when you removed the lens while holding down the dof button. Some lens don't work like the sigma for nikon won't do this and I believe it is a wide angle that will not do it so try a reg lens.
I must say, I rely on the aperture ring I am using in the composer, set to manual and adjust my shutter speed appropriately, same on my D70 infered converted Nikon.

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