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fisheye muse adapter

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fisheye muse adapter posted by mochegosse January 13, 2010 02:42PM reply | quote
posted by mochegosse
I just received my fisheye lens and adapter for the muse lens, and I cannot figure out how to get the adapter on the fisheye lens. I've completely followed the instructions, but nothing has worked. It seems like the metal adapter is too loose for the lens. Has anyone else had this problem and knows what to do? Or is there some trick or step that I'm just not getting?
Re: fisheye muse adapter posted by Artificient February 18, 2010 09:45AM reply | quote
posted by Artificient

I was thinking about getting the adapter ring but I can't understand exactly what it does or how it works. I'm in the same boat as you sorta. I wish I could help you but I am just as puzzled. The post I can do is post this so It's bumped to the top & some one might notice it.


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Re: fisheye muse adapter posted by Crabcakes February 18, 2010 03:23PM reply | quote
posted by Crabcakes

While I do have the FE, I use it with a Composer and don't have the Muse Adapter, so I can't say, but if you haven't already, I recommend you contact Lensbaby directly. I guarantee that they will be more than happy to help. If something needs to be fixed/replaced, they will do it. Send an e-mail to:


Take care,
Johnny Crabcakes

Johnny Crabcakes

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Re: fisheye muse adapter posted by slithy-toves February 27, 2010 01:03AM reply | quote
posted by slithy-toves

I had the same problem and felt like a real idiot when I couldn't figure it out!

Eventually I realized I had been removing the fisheye optic from its case altogether rather than removing a ring from the unit. The ring looks similar to the grey adaptor ring, except black.

After you loosen the screw (make sure you don't lose it! I came very close several times) really grasp that section and unscrew it firmly; try not to grasp it by the top of the lens because then you're just unscrewing and removing the optic rather than the ring, which is what I kept doing again and again.

Hope that helps? Maybe the photo will too?


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