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early 40 D not liking my Composer

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early 40 D not liking my Composer posted by doc Zox December 05, 2009 02:06AM reply | quote
posted by doc Zox
I have a 40D that has an issue using a Lensbaby Composer manual lens.

When i trigger the shutter, it displays an error 01 lens communication error.

A tech at Lensbaby said this is not an issue with their 40D

My camera works fine with my EF & EFS lenses

The Lensbaby also works fine on a Rebel XTI
Both cameras show the aperture as 00

Last night, I upgraded my 40D to 1.11 firmware and reset all the settings to factory.

If i tape over the bodies lens sensor pins
I see the same result with my Canon lenses,
an error 01 and I must restart the camera via the on off switch.

This appears to be an issue with my 40D.

I bought the dSLR the first week they were on the market.

Was there a hardware change to early 40D lens sensors?

It does not matter where the camera is set, but it should function properly with this lens in manual mode or aperture priority.

If i set a fast shutter speed in manual,
The shutter seems to trigger at set speed of ~1/2 a second

When i set up a bulb exposure the shutter opens and closes with a 1/2 second actuation.
I get an error 01 and I need to reboot the camera.
When i do so, the shutter triggers again and the camera gives an error 99

The lens contacts are clean.

A extensive websearching of photoforums is not yielding much data.
I am stumped here.

I emailed the above to Canon support & Lensbaby

-doc Zox
Re: early 40 D not liking my Composer posted by doc Zox December 05, 2009 10:42PM reply | quote
posted by doc Zox
here is the response from canon:

Thank you for contacting Canon product support. We value you as a Canon
customer and appreciate the opportunity to assist you. We are sorry to
hear that your EOS 40D is displaying an error code.

"Err 01" is a lens communication error code. This may be caused by poor
contact between the lens and the camera body. Please follow these steps
to attempt to resolve the issue:

1. Remove the lens from the camera.

2. Use a pencil eraser to gently clean the contacts on the camera body
and the lens.

3. Reinstall the lens.

4. Power the camera on.

5. Take a picture.

If the error still displays with this lens attached, please try an
alternate lens on your camera. If the camera works with the alternate
lens, your lens will require service.

It is very likely that your camera is displaying this error because of
the third-party lens you are using. While many have been successful in
doing so, we cannot guarantee if or how third-party lenses will work.
Canon is not responsible for maintaining the technology used in
third-party lenses and it is up to those manufacturers to ensure their
lenses stay up to date with our cameras.

We hope this information is helpful to you. Please let us know if we
can be of any further assistance with your EOS 40D.

Thank you for choosing Canon.

I believe the proper response is:

Re: early 40 D not liking my Composer posted by ranfoto December 06, 2009 04:24AM reply | quote
posted by ranfoto

Some help is like no help at all, but that's typical of the Camera makers .

I think maybe you need to send Kirsten an email, so Craig can give you the techno skinny on this problem .

I use Nikons so I'm not up on Canon fixes...sorry :(
Re: early 40 D not liking my Composer posted by mvuori December 06, 2009 10:08PM reply | quote
posted by mvuori
I don't have a Canon either, but I think your camera is broken. The shutter is just about the only part that breaks on DSLRs and as your camera is becoming of age, this would not be surprising. Perhaps the mechanical nature of the LB changes the electrical conditions inside the camera in such way that because of the marginal state of the shutter it starts misbehaving. Anyway, the LB should not be able to cause the camera to start misbehaving so the body clearly needs repairing.
Re: early 40 D not liking my Composer posted by doc Zox December 07, 2009 10:23AM reply | quote
posted by doc Zox
I got an email back from Craig

Since my body throws an error without any lens mounted,
the issue is with the body.

Which is odd since the camera works perfectly with canon lenses
Re: early 40 D not liking my Composer posted by doc Zox December 08, 2009 01:53AM reply | quote
posted by doc Zox
so I found out from Canon that the error warrants a return for service
or i can swap it for a 650 dollar 50D

I called a camera tech friend and he estimates ~250 bucks for the service

so I decided to see what i could do.
by backing off, the 2 noted screws, 2 turns

the camera functions fine!
Re: early 40 D not liking my Composer posted by ranfoto December 08, 2009 03:56AM reply | quote
posted by ranfoto

A lovely ending to the saga.......woof woof, now go do some Bending to celebrate :))

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