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LB wih 4/3rds sensors

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LB wih 4/3rds sensors posted by picnic November 08, 2009 01:34AM reply | quote
posted by picnic
I bought my LB2.0 originally for my 5D but now am shooting a lot with 2 m4/3rds bodies. I'm using an EOS to m4/3rds adaptor which allows me to use my old LB, but am thinking of buying the Composer so I can add the FE optic. However--having the FOV relevant to a 35mm FF be 100mm puts me off. Its not a FOV that appeals to me too much. I'm not sure adding the WA converter will do much for me. I have it, the tele, and 2 closeup lenses for the 2.0, and while it gives me a FOV I like better, I surely would like about a 50mm. Guess that won't happen--and of course those with 1.5, 1.6 crop bodies have a similar issue.

The answer would be to buy the EF mount and shoot with my 5D--but the liveview on the G1 and GF1 is so terrific for LB shooting--ah, well. I don't expect any good answers--but perhaps those that are shooting with 4/3rds bodies can give me their opinions of it.

I did, however, see a terrific video by Mike Kobal using the FE (along with 2 other lenses)

Re: LB wih 4/3rds sensors posted by picnic November 08, 2009 01:49AM reply | quote
posted by picnic
I may have solved my own issue. With the WA optic, I will get exactly where I'd like to e about 40+ mm FOV. Yay--the optic system may be the best thing Lensbaby has done--makes the lens a really diverse lens.
Re: LB wih 4/3rds sensors posted by ranfoto November 08, 2009 03:28AM reply | quote
posted by ranfoto

"D" .....glad you saw the light !

Picture this too.......I've been adding fisheye and wide angle conversion lenses to the front of my Benders now for eons .......they add a whole new dynamic to your perspective.

Think about it.....those 37mm threads on the front of your LB opens up many possibilities for you to capture whatever you desire......it's no accident Craig put them there and not just to add LB approved gadgits .

But LB approved stuff is rather kewl ......it always gets you headed in the right direction :))

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