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New to lensbaby with a nikon d80

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New to lensbaby with a nikon d80 posted by bbux November 05, 2009 05:47AM reply | quote
posted by bbux
I just to the lensbaby composer, help! I am beginner photographer also...if I set my camera to manual the picture is black...what settings do I use?
Re: New to lensbaby with a nikon d80 posted by ranfoto November 08, 2009 03:59AM reply | quote
posted by ranfoto

Set your Nikon to manual ...that's right.

Can you see through the lens ? Lens cap is off ? We're going step by step so don't laugh :))

Go outside to use daylight, set camera to daylight exposure mode, set iso to 200 .

Set shutter speed to 400......press shutter.....is the exposure too dark or too light ?

Adust shutter speed up or down to correct the exposure.

Now try adding an aperture......test again .

Keep this up until you feel everything is working or ask for more help, good luck and we all had to start someplace .

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