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"EXIF" info for Forum photos would be GREAT!...

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"EXIF" info for Forum photos would be GREAT!... posted by mypoppy October 19, 2009 05:25AM reply | quote
posted by mypoppy
Personally, I learn quite a lot when I study the EXIF chart of any given photo. Especially,
when its someone else's photo. Of course the photos I take have all that necessary EXIF info already in my computer photo editing program!..

BUT wouldn't it be GREAT if we could see all the EXIF info on a given photo submitted by a member...

Now, if the EXIF info is already tucked away somewhere on this forum, I certainly don't know about it!..

Reading EXIF photo information is a mighty powerful LEARNING TOOL, so if anyone's got any info about what I'm talking about, please post it!..

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