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Using SLR mount Lensbabies with videography

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Using SLR mount Lensbabies with videography posted by collateraldp August 30, 2009 01:22AM reply | quote
posted by collateraldp
Hello all! I am a cinematographer out of Chicago looking at buying a Lensbaby. Does anyone know if any of the SLR mount Lensbabies are smooth enough to adjust *during* a shot (not the focus ring but the actual lens)? Or will it be kind of jerky? If so, is that not the case with the movie-style (PL-mount) lenses, or are none of them designed to be moved within a shot?
Re: Using SLR mount Lensbabies with videography posted by Adam Stanislav November 06, 2009 02:24AM reply | quote
posted by Adam Stanislav

Hi, I'm new here and I only got my LB about an hour ago, but since no one has replied, I can tell you that the Composer has a "locking" ring. If you turn it all the way left, the lens becomes very hard to move. If you turn it all the way to the right, the lens is extremely easy and smooth to adjust.

And since it is a ring, you have many options of smoothness between the two extremes.

I got the EF mount (for use with a 35 mm adapter with my Sony EX3 camcorder), but from the way it is designed I do not believe the mount you get will make any difference as far as the smoothness adjustment is concerned.

Again, this is the Composer model. I imagine the other two models would be much harder to control on a video camera (and that is why I chose the Composer for my own use).
Re: Using SLR mount Lensbabies with videography posted by zooplancton November 10, 2009 02:27PM reply | quote
posted by zooplancton

i've used my "composer" for video and it turns out really cool. you have to have a fast wrist though to capture the different depths of field that plays in and out quickly.
cool lens to use for application though.

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