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Composer : min focus distance, locking and accessories ...

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Composer : min focus distance, locking and accessories ... posted by Fugazi August 19, 2009 11:29PM reply | quote
posted by Fugazi

I own a 3G but the locking mechanism doesn't work anymore ... I lock it but a few moments later the locking 'slips off' on the barrels ... shame ...

So, I'm interested in the Composer but have a few questions about it :
- does my old accessoiries (macro, wide en tele) still work at the composer ... I guess it's still the same ... right ?
- the minimum focus distance is 18" where the other 2 have 12" --> what when putting the macro accessories : it states 2" to 13" but also with the composer ? So, no 'coverage' from 13" to 18" ?
- one can lock the composer ... right ? But I've read that the focus is off/gone as soon as one locks the composer. Is this true ?

Thanks for your help,
Re: Composer : min focus distance, locking and accessories ... posted by Keithnc August 20, 2009 05:01AM reply | quote
posted by Keithnc


Yes your accessories will fit on the front of the Composer. I had the 3G and upgraded, my macro and wide-angle still work fine.
Your question about change in minnium focus, I am not sure about, I haven't heard anything different.
You can lock the composer into position if you need to. There is a ring close to the mounting plate that turns and locks the ball-socket part. I have never needed to use it but tested it. After you set the Composer to where you want the sweet spot, it stays there unless moved. You can then use the focus ring to adjust the area. The locking ring and focus ring are two different parts of the lens. After locking the lens, you can fine tune the focus.
I had more problems with locking the 3G, then loosing focus than I do with the Composer.
The one thing I do miss (kind of) is the way the bellows worked to get the sweet spot.
I now know what you were talking about with focusing distance. I went and read about the Composer (18") and the Control Freak (new version 3G - 12"). I imagine the Control Freak/3G minnium is due to the bellows system. Good question about between the 13"- 18" range. I may be wrong but I would think the macro's will help with that, but maybe someone else can answer that.

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Re: Composer : min focus distance, locking and accessories ... posted by Fugazi September 25, 2009 03:34AM reply | quote
posted by Fugazi

Hi Keith,

Thanks for your help.
Is really appreciated.
Not much reaction though ... ;-)

See you around,

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