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Muse & Pentax K200D

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Muse & Pentax K200D posted by wldmiller August 14, 2009 03:03AM reply | quote
posted by wldmiller
I'm really struggling to use my Muse and the Pentax K200D. Anyone else using the Pentax and the muse that might be able to give me some tips? My photos are too dark and completely blurry.

Re: Muse & Pentax K200D posted by Bob Layne August 14, 2009 11:07PM reply | quote
posted by Bob Layne
I do not have a K200D but here are some common suggestions for exposure.
If the image is dark perhaps your shutter speed is too high. If in manual mode go to a slower speed. Say from 800 sec. to 150 sec. Also, dark and blurry may mean you are shooting in auto or program and the camera is giving a very slow shutter speed while misreading the exposure.
MY suspicion is that switching to manual mode and adjusting the shutter speed while looking at the light meter will help greatly.
As for blurry, well slow speed or you are missing the sweet spot. Go to a F4 aperature so you can see better.
The LB takes a little practice at first.
Hope this helps.
Re: Muse & Pentax K200D posted by Mike Bokeh August 15, 2009 03:15AM reply | quote
posted by Mike Bokeh

Very good advice by Bob Layne.

I have a Pentax K100D and a Lensbaby 3G, and this is how I generally use mine.

I make a first exposure using aperture priority. This exposure is usually about one stop underexposed. This seems to be the standard result produced by my camera/lens combination.

I then switch to manual, and bracket the exposure originally given by the camera in Av mode. I usually get the exposure I'm looking for in 3 to 5 frames.

As for the blurry images, allow me to suggest using a tripod.
When you use a tripod, it not only gives you blur-free results most of the time*, it also slows you down, and makes you really see what you are photographing. Your composition will improve remarkably.

The two lenses I always use a tripod with are my Lensbaby 3G, and my Pentax 100mm macro lens.

I stress the use of a tripod.

Good luck, and let us know what results you get.

* Even when using a tripod, you can still get a blurry image if you jab the shutter button too roughly or there's more than a gentle breeze blowing outside.

Lensbabies make you think.

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