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Composer - focal length

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Composer - focal length posted by elnoralouisa July 04, 2009 04:48AM reply | quote
posted by elnoralouisa
Ok, this has to be the simplest question, but I did a search on it, and all I can find is for telephoto.
When you turn your camera on with Composer, and it asks for a focal length (it suggests 35). I read that people say it is about a 50mm lens.
This is my first lensbaby, and I am really disappointed that there are basically no instructions for this. Took me days to find on this forum how to set my camera so it would read the apeture. I know people are getting some great pictures with this lens, but it's really frustrating to not even know how to set up your camera when you turn it on :)
Still thinking about dumping it on Ebay........but still holding on to it for awhile.......
Re: Composer - focal length posted by Joseph Flores July 04, 2009 07:25AM reply | quote
posted by Joseph Flores
Okay, I just got my LB on Monday, but I did a ton of research on it before I bought it (something I think people need to start doing more often!). I learned from this site that the Composer is 50mm (you can find it in the specs). As far as the aperture, unless you have certain Nikons (I have the D80), you can shoot in Aperture Priority mode or whatever equivalent for your camera. Otherwise, you are going to use Manual mode. The instructions in the box really do tell you what you need to know. If you bought this lens thinking you would pop it on and start taking amazing shots without thinking you would be pretty frustrated. This lens doesn't have any electrical components so it isn't a "smart" lens like all the new lenses you can buy now. You're gonna have to learn how to shoot with this lens before you get those "wow" shots, and the way you learn is to practice. In a way it makes you a better photographer because it forces you to think about shutter speed and how wide your aperture should be for whatever lighting situation you face. Cameras and lenses today take out so much of the work that losing all the automatic features really freaks people out now. Don't put it up on ebay, learn how to use the lens and you will get all those "wow" shots you see in the guru gallery!
Re: Composer - focal length posted by Maji July 16, 2009 07:12AM reply | quote
posted by Maji

You have very eloquently stated my thoughts exactly.

If one does not like the LB or is not sure how it works, then I think he/she did not do their research before the purchase. In that case, it will be a little frustrating. Perhaps, ebay is a way for them to recuperate their losses. However, a little more effort into research may really be worth the time and lead to plenty of "wow" quality "bent images".
Re: Composer - focal length posted by jbrunjes July 16, 2009 10:02AM reply | quote
posted by jbrunjes

There is definitely a learning curve on these. I bought a 3G in Feb of 08 and now have the composer as well. Getting good shots takes a while. Finding appropriate subject matter also takes some experimentation. The appeal of these lenses to me is the total lack of electronics. If you look at most of the galleries of the individual members here you will see a gradual improvement in the quality of the shots as well as subject matter. Have faith!

Re: Composer - focal length posted by zooplancton October 20, 2009 04:12AM reply | quote
posted by zooplancton

to cheat and get shots right away, you can set your camera to "auto" and you should get some good shots. (and just focus to your liking)

keep the lens! you will LOVE it. trust me. and have fun.
Re: Composer - focal length posted by Adam Stanislav November 07, 2009 08:19AM reply | quote
posted by Adam Stanislav

Took me days to find on this forum how to set my camera so it would read the apeture.
It takes a tape measure and a simple multiplication to figure out the focal length, providing you know that the F-stop is defined as the focal length divided by the diameter of the aperture.

That means that the focal length is the diameter of the aperture multiplied by the F-stop.

The Composer comes with removable aperture disks whose F-stop is marked on each disk. So, taking out the f/4 disk and measuring the diameter of its hole to be 12.5 mm, the focal length of the composer is 12.5 x 4 = 50 mm.
Re: Composer - focal length posted by ranfoto November 07, 2009 10:02AM reply | quote
posted by ranfoto

If one is new to using a camera or to creating aRt of any kind, it all takes time to understand the medium .

Learn the basics first, have some fun by testing, don't get caught up in the numbers ......Bending is more about instinct then science .

Creating with a simple tool (Lens) like the Lensbaby is more about using your mind and eyes .......so just start shooting, correct your mistakes as you go, see what you like and follow your bliss.......it's much easier that way !

This Forum has much to offer, spend the time to just look at the images, go look at the different galleries of those images you like.....click the avatar name to see a persons aRt .

Many of us post info along with our aRt, use what you find as a guideline to create your own style .

Think about how you want your images to look..... soft, edgey, wide, strong bokeh, more defined, diffused ......there are so many tools available now, but keep it really simple when starting out.......then discover where you want to go one step at a time........and of course have "FUN" .

There are so many questions when starting out, but there aren't really that many answers because each of us is creating a different style with our Bending, so you have to discover your way more then anything .......that means just do the Bending and learn as you go .

There is no perfect or set way to this stuff ......that's why it's creative......you have to become creative by using the tools .......that's the way it is .

Sorry for being so long winded, but that's the way it is or you can take some Bending classes, but don't expect to become a master of Bending without putting in the time first .

I don't claim to be an expert either, I just love the aRtform and do my own thing, good Bending....and have some fun !
Re: Composer - focal length posted by picnic November 10, 2009 12:04AM reply | quote
posted by picnic
Perhaps some are also wondering about FOV as opposed to FL. This is my issue with the LB--on an m4/3rds body (or 4/3rds), its a 2x crop--so the LB is now a 100mm FOV--not my favorite. I have the .65 converter for my old LB 2.0 and on my 5D (FF) it was a lovely wider FOV (32mm). On my G1/GF1 (m4/3rds), its a 65mm--still not my favorite, but better. With the UWA, I end up with about a 42mm FOV (relative to 35mm FF).

Diane B

Now--I'm actually looking through the forums to see if anyone has preferences for the UWA converter over the FE optic--or vice versa. There's certainly a lot of difference in image--I have a 15mm FE for my fullframe which is linear as opposed to the vignetting one gets on FF with the FE optic. Since I'm most likely to always shoot with the LB Composer on my m43/rds (liveview is terrific for LB), then the vignetting is almost nil so I'm trying to make a decision as to which way to go (maybe both in the end LOL--and I do have the .65 converter with 37mm screw end that should work with Composer).
Re: Composer - focal length posted by ranfoto November 10, 2009 11:07AM reply | quote
posted by ranfoto

Diane......there are a couple of optical companies in Japan that make super wide .25X conversion fisheyes .....and the Chinese optical companies have also decided to follow suit.

From my experience the glass from Japan is better if you like sharp snappy images, the Chinese glass goes from freaky soft to not bad and is way cheaper I might add .

Problem is these companies all rebrand these lenses for export.....and sometimes the Chinese glass goes to Japan for export and is rebranded again......so what do you do ?

Well at least Craig or maybe Team Lensbaby tests this stuff out if they decide to make it available with the LB name on it so you can be sure it's good stuff and has a nice Bendy flavor to it.

But don't be afraid to experiment by investing in some of the wide stuff available out there if you don't see any images being posted with the LB glass that suits you .

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