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Several questions about LEnsbaby 2.0 and Nikon D60

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Several questions about LEnsbaby 2.0 and Nikon D60 posted by alicyn-decay June 01, 2009 03:58AM reply | quote
posted by alicyn-decay
Hi, I just recently purchased the lensbaby 2.0 from amazon, and I am having some trouble with this lens already.

I purchased this lens and macro set knowing that I would run into a little bit of trouble, and that I could only shoot in Manual mode.

I know the camera doesn't communicate electronically with the Lensbaby 2.0, but at the same time, I cannot adjust my aperture or F-stop in the display screen menu. It just says 1/100 and F--

Is there a way I can fix this ?

Secondly, ALL of my images are black. Is there a way I can properly adjust the appropriate settings with a different lens attached and then just put the Lensbaby back on ??

The manual for this lens is crappy and non-specific and this site doesn't do that much of a good job suggesting different settings for this. My flash will not fire no matter what I try.

Please help me, thank you !! :)
Re: Several questions about LEnsbaby 2.0 and Nikon D60 posted by alicyn-decay June 01, 2009 04:03AM reply | quote
posted by alicyn-decay
Also, in the sunlight with my back turned toward the sun, my images are all white.

Thanks again ! :)
Re: Several questions about LEnsbaby 2.0 and Nikon D60 posted by Keithnc June 01, 2009 05:10AM reply | quote
posted by Keithnc

Let me see if I can help somewhat.
For starters you have realized that you need to shoot in manual mode since the camera won't properly meter in aperture priority. This information you can find under the FAQ's under the INFO tab menu above.
Setting your f-stop is done by the aperture ring you put in the LB. You should have received little magnetic rings and a removal tool. These are different apertures depending on the size of the hole. The lensbaby without a ring inserted is f2.0. You should be able to adjust the shutter speed while in manual mode but not the F-stop.

Also go to this link:

It is an old video on how to use the Lensbaby 2.0 and 3G.
Also this question has been asked several times before, check old messages, there has been other advice given.
Re: Several questions about LEnsbaby 2.0 and Nikon D60 posted by esc June 01, 2009 05:56AM reply | quote
posted by esc
I am a lensbaby newbie, too (just got my composer yesterday), but try adjusting your shutter speed. If your image is black, try a much slower shutter speed. If it's white, a faster shutter speed should dial down the exposure. I've just been trying different rings and then dialing the shutter depending on ambient light levels.

Hope that helps.
Re: Several questions about LEnsbaby 2.0 and Nikon D60 posted by JustinHolt June 28, 2009 04:59AM reply | quote
posted by JustinHolt
You have to remember that with the Nikon cameras you do not have a light meter at all. This means you ether need to get an incident light meter.

Example: Sekonic L-209

Your other option and the one I recommend. Turn your mind and eyes into a light meter. This usually consists of taking a quick test shot and then adjusting.

I have done this and most of the time now as I walk around with my camera on my neck I am always setting the shutter speed to the available light with out test shots.

Remember if you shoot raw your exposure doesn't have to be right on. Just with in a 1 1/2 stops. You can always recover data. Although don't rely on this its better to train your eyes in the first place. But if you take a shot you like and have forgotten to change your shutter speed you can likely save the picture.

It helps you see the light ;)

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