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Finding the sweet spot

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Finding the sweet spot posted by mrnelson May 10, 2009 07:21PM reply | quote
posted by mrnelson
Having just upgraded from my old Lensbaby 1.0 with the old plastic lens to a shiny new Composer I have to say I'm struggling quite a bit to find where I have the sweet spot. With the old lens (And I guess the Muse now) it was always obvious where the sweet spot should be and the trick was to get it in focus and hold it well enough to get a decent shot.

I was surprised, when I first used the Composer just how different the 'work flow' is to get shots. I'm sure I'll get used to it, but I was wondering if other people have used both the 1.0 (Or Muse) AND the Composer and had found the same thing?

What did you do to get used to the difference? Is it simply a case of try, try & try again or are there any tricks with the Composer that will help my transition?

I love how much sharper the double glass optic is compared to the old plastic one, I guess I'll get used to focussing it eventually. :-/
Re: Finding the sweet spot posted by sam July 08, 2009 05:03AM reply | quote
posted by sam

Hello mrnelson,

The Composer is quite different than the Muse. One tip is to use just slight tilts to move the Sweet Spot. It is a bit of a trick to know just have far you have tilted the lens. One method I use is to look down at the lens to see how far I have tilted it, and whether I have pushed it too far in any direction. After a little practice I can tell where the Sweet Spot will be just by looking at the lens on my camera.

I hope this helps!


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