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Canon EOS 400D, aperture setting and Focus Ring

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Canon EOS 400D, aperture setting and Focus Ring posted by wowoman May 05, 2009 01:46AM reply | quote
posted by wowoman
Hi, I just got my Lensbaby Composer and has tested it. I have couple of guestions (sorry if the language is not correct or clear, I am not a native speaker):

1. I set the camera (Canon EOS 400D) to Aperture Priority mode. The camera shows all the time that the Aperture is F00 even if I try to change it via the roll in the camera, and I have changed the Aperture Disks so there is one inside. Is it ok, that the camera cannot show me the Aperture size? Or shoud it show the correct F? The exposure seems to be quite ok.

2. The Composer's Focus Ring moves strangely, in my opinion not correct. In the almost far right position (I turn it to most right) it "clacks", "jumps", meanging that it does not move smootly as it does otherwise. So there is a place where to I cannot focus, because the Ring don't stay there but jumps over. Is this normal or should I send the Composer back to the seller and ask for a new one?

Thanks so much in advance for your help! :) Otherwise I really love the Lensbaby Composer!
Re: Canon EOS 400D, aperture setting and Focus Ring posted by bluegnu May 07, 2009 07:55AM reply | quote
posted by bluegnu

Hi there,

1) Yes, the camera will show F00. This is perfectly normal and it will adjust the shutter speed to get the correct exposure. I think it shows F00 because most other lenses have an electronic contact that tells the camera body what aperture is set but the lensbaby doesn't have this so the camera just displays F00.

2) Hmm, this does sound strange. The focus ring on mine is smooth all the way in and out. The optic inside the lens has a slight bit of movement sometimes but that's no big deal to me. Perhaps it might be worth trying another one to see what it's like.

Hope this helps :-)


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