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Focusing with Small Apertures

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Focusing with Small Apertures posted by Laura Poland April 30, 2009 06:02AM reply | quote
posted by Laura Poland

I have noticed when using apertures smaller than F/8, I have a difficult time focusing because when I look through my viewfinder the image I see is so dark! I am using a Nikon D80. Has anyone else out there noticed this problem? What have you done to compensate? Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

Laura Poland
Reflected Spectrum Photography
Weddings, Portraits, Fine Art
Re: Focusing with Small Apertures posted by pathography April 30, 2009 06:27AM reply | quote
posted by pathography

On all Slr cameras, they focus at wide open: F2/f4/f5.6 depending. When the app ring is in place you are seeing what the sensor/film plane is seeing. Try focusing on you subject wide open, then placing what ever app you like.
I would say that your camera has a DOF preview button with a "normal" lens play with your app, and press the button. The image will go very dark, but the DOF will increase. I hope this helps.
Re: Focusing with Small Apertures posted by juznobsrvr April 30, 2009 07:14AM reply | quote
posted by juznobsrvr

Laura, there are various tips posted on this forum regarding this issue or similar ones. David's tip on using a laser is one example -- here's the link: [lensbaby.com]

You can also do a search on this site. Try tying laser or click here: [lensbaby.com]

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