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A couple of questions before I order...

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A couple of questions before I order... posted by Pipyr March 23, 2009 03:21AM reply | quote
posted by Pipyr

Hi everyone! I recently learned about these lenses and I am completely hooked! Quite a while ago, I used pinhole cameras, polaroid cameras, slide montages, and large format cameras to take art images. I am really excited to have an opportunity to "play" again in a digital format. This is going to be great!!

I have narrowed my decision down to the composer or the control freak. My other lenses use 58mm filters and I was wondering if the composer will accomodate a 37mm to 58mm step-up ring? Or will the part that sticks up get in the way? Of course, I can (and probably will) get another set of filters for the LB, but it would be convenient to start out using some of the filters I already have. Also, has anyone had problems with the composer "loosening up" after a lot of use?

Also, I am interested in IR photography. I have an Olympus E-520 that I just got, and as it's the only working DSLR cam I have, I'm planning to start with IR stuff by using a filter, so I can decide if I want to invest in a dedicated IR camera in the future. Has anyone tried an IR filter (maybe a hoya R72) with a LB? I'd be curious to know if it worked. I have a pretty serious bogen tripod and tend to take pictures of mostly still objects, so shutter speeds and extra work to set up aren't a big concern for me.

Sorry for all the questions, but I appreciate any input!!

Re: A couple of questions before I order... posted by jrflanne March 25, 2009 02:43AM reply | quote
posted by jrflanne
Well, I got my Composer yesterday so I am a veteran. I bought it because of a mix of broken leg and vicadin. I've taken a few snaps with it and wanted to comment on IR. Have you heard of Life Pixel Infared Shop? Apparently they will replace the sensor filter to convert a digicam to IR. I am thinking about buying an older DSLR to make it into a dedicated infrared.

Looking at the Composer, I cannot see any reason why you couldn't put an adaptor on it for filters. I don't know about the screw-on converter lenses though. I don't have any and don't know what size filter they will take, if they even take filters. Thanks for reminding me of step-up rings though. The Composer is a pretty cool lens. I bought it as a toy but I really look forward to using it. It's so Old School and puts the Fun in Fotography.

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Re: A couple of questions before I order... posted by Pipyr March 26, 2009 04:28AM reply | quote
posted by Pipyr

Thanks very much for your reply! I ordered the composer and a few goodies (lol) and I can't wait to play with it!. I have a Hoya R72 IR filter on the way anyway, so I'll just give it a go and see how it works. It should be interesting to see if the LB allows more visibility than my standard lenses, which don't have the ability to open as wide.

I do think I'll want a dedicated IR camera at some point, but I want to play around before I invest in one. Life Pixel Infrared Shop doesn't have anything on their site about olympus cameras, and I'm too invested in Olympus stuff to want to go with another brand. I did find someone on ebay that sold dedicated 4/3 dslrs, so at least I know the option is open.

If any of my tests with the IR filter come out good, I'll be sure to share! Now I just need some foliage...come on, spring!!

Re: A couple of questions before I order... posted by dmitch March 27, 2009 10:08PM reply | quote
posted by dmitch

I have a composer, been shooting it for a couple of weeks now. A couple of comments on your questions. First, using a step up ring, it will only work at the closest focus setting. Otherwise the front element (and the filter attachment) will pull back into the lens. Second, the focal length of the lens is 50mm, thus the visibility will be the same as a 50mm. The nice thing is that you can get .42x and .6x adapters giving you a 21mm or 30mm focal length. The filter size is 37mm, any attachment that size should fit the lens. Good choice on the composer, I started with a 3G (precursor to the control freak) I found it quick to move the sweet spot. But difficult to focus and reproducing shots. The composer is much easier to set the sweet spot, focus and lock in place. Enjoy your new lens!!

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