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A few more

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A few more posted by SKF January 16, 2009 12:14PM reply | quote
posted by SKF

Hi all,

Here are some further images I would appreciate comment on. All bar the last have had some PP done, the last is straight out of the camera except for file size reduction.


Re: A few more posted by ranfoto January 16, 2009 03:10PM reply | quote
posted by ranfoto

Steve.....I feel you need to work on getting a bit mote exposure and contrast in control, then you can break the rules if you want.

Focus is always arbitrary, but I have the feeling you aren't sure of where you truly desire your focus to be .

In portraits, generally you want the eyes to be sharp in close ups and the planes of the face to be defined well in full body shots.......but in Bending the best rule is that you don't want your captures to look like the images were just shot out of focus.....sort of like bad snap shots.

Of course in certain advertising shots that you do desire that homey effect......Bending is the esiest way to go.....it's all in your head so do it your way ....what others have to say is just another opinion without having a clue what you felt when you composed the image !
Re: A few more posted by SKF January 16, 2009 03:51PM reply | quote
posted by SKF


Thanks for the comments. The portrait of my daughter was actually taken by my three year old, I thought I would throw it in anyway, probably a bit unfair but I was not thinking about that. The picture of my son was about the fifth image with the lens and I was struggling with sharpness until I set my diopter !!. I got the camera at the same time. The others were a more concerted effort. I certainly agree with the eyes requiring sharpness rule. I haven't got out yet since your last dialogue about framing but have your comments in mind.
Thanks again and


Re: A few more posted by MattW January 16, 2009 06:21PM reply | quote
posted by MattW

I like the Tonka, and the treatment you have given it - this shot evokes a 'paused' super-8 home-movie.

I understand Ran's point about taking in the 'bigger picture' and it will be interesting to see your next postings. Personally I tend to go in close, too - many of my LB shots show only a section of the subject, but then so do many of my shots with conventional glass. (I seem to verge between macro and 360 panos.)

Maybe it's just how you as an individual view the world!


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