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The Old Fountain

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The Old Fountain posted by jbrunjes September 29, 2008 07:40AM reply | quote
posted by jbrunjes

Here are two versions of a fountain.... Let me know if you like one more than the other. It looks to me like I should have used a more narrow aperture to include more detail of the fountain but my aperture disks were missing at the time of this shot.
Re: The Old Fountain posted by BearWoodsDavid September 29, 2008 07:47AM reply | quote
posted by BearWoodsDavid

Very neat Joby, I can't decide though which I like better.

David Akoubian

"Time is a wonderful healer, but a really bad beautician" - Unknown
Re: The Old Fountain posted by RichB September 29, 2008 10:35AM reply | quote
posted by RichB


"Savdem" helped me in a recent "Critique" post to understand the difference he felt between color and B&W (or in your case sepia toning). He said that he felt color brought out feelings, whereas B&W tends to emphasize forms. I believe that I agree with his viewpoint. It all depends upon what you are trying to do with your images. And by the way, I like them both.


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Re: The Old Fountain posted by susabell September 29, 2008 10:55AM reply | quote
posted by susabell

I like the contrast of the first image, but the sepia/mono tones of the second. I think maybe making the bricks lighter in the second might give it more pop. I think the wide ap. works well though :-)
Re: The Old Fountain posted by jean-luc October 01, 2008 05:45AM reply | quote
posted by jean-luc

The blue on the back and the brown in front gives the image extra depth I think.


Re: The Old Fountain posted by Keithnc October 01, 2008 09:39PM reply | quote
posted by Keithnc

I like both version.

I lean more toward the first one because of the mixture of the browns and black of the fountain against the mutted browns of the tiles behind it.

And the Sepia seems to bring out more detail of the fountain though.
Re: The Old Fountain posted by jbrunjes October 01, 2008 10:40PM reply | quote
posted by jbrunjes

Thanks all!
Re: The Old Fountain posted by crfrey71 October 06, 2008 01:32AM reply | quote
posted by crfrey71

I don't think this is a good lensbaby subject the way it was composed. I feel this way, because I feel the image taken without a lensbaby is just fine the way you have it composed, because 1) there is symmetry and 2) there are patterns to framing the symmetry. The lensbaby adds nothing to this shot, in my opinion.

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