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Trial & Error

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Trial & Error posted by Terri August 16, 2013 11:35PM reply | quote
posted by Terri

Well, here are my first shots around & about. I know I have a long way to go but it's fun learning along the way. Check it out.
Re: Trial & Error posted by Terri August 16, 2013 11:38PM reply | quote
posted by Terri

My file must be big & I can only send a few at a time.
Re: Trial & Error posted by Terri August 17, 2013 07:54AM reply | quote
posted by Terri

Flowers in Hershey, Pennsylvania
Re: Trial & Error posted by beyond_Life August 24, 2013 04:01AM reply | quote
posted by beyond_Life
Hey Terri, Ive got a few pointers :-) if you dont mind.

- Are you sur you have you diopter set to the right correction? The second picture is nice and sharp but on the other ones you got something else sharp, but not the subject. Like the red/white flower. The flower is unsharp, but the leaves next to it are sharp. Try adjusting the diopter next to your viewfinder till you get the correct setup. Mark the diopter to be sure you know what the starting position was.
- Problems uploading files? Try resizing them first. if you work in windows, try using the program "Resizer for Windows". Great app I use myself a lot. It bring my 30mb pictures back to 500kb and still look great for web use
- Did you do some post processing? Try it, it could brighter up the colors in the picture. Or try adjusting the wb.

Beside the negative: I like the subjects. I love flowers. Im sure you will get better. Just practice a lot :-)

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