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New User Critique posted by AA_1973 June 06, 2013 09:59PM reply | quote
posted by AA_1973
Hi all,
Newbie to lensbaby.... got the composer with the double glass optic. Liking it a lot. Using with the EOS M + EF adapter. Still learning the ropes, so have attached 2 pics for critique.
Good or bad kindly let me know your thoughts.

Thanking you

IMG_1182 by Iceman_1973, on Flickr

IMG_1205 by Iceman_1973, on Flickr
Re: New User Critique posted by Mike Bokeh June 07, 2013 05:31AM reply | quote
posted by Mike Bokeh

In the first image, I think the boy's face could be a little sharper, either by focusing more accurately or by using a smaller f stop disk. It seems his fingers are sharper than his face. Overall, it's still a good shot.

The second photo is perfect!

The subject, the stop button is very sharp, while the surroundings on the bus are blurred. I also like the darker tones you used in this black & white shot.

If these are some of your first shots, I'd say you already understand how to use a Lensbaby very well.

Well done.


Lensbabies make you think.
Re: New User Critique posted by AA_1973 June 07, 2013 07:16PM reply | quote
posted by AA_1973
Thank you Mike.
I've recently been on a high with MF lenses. I enjoy using them, while also loving the challenge. I get maybe 2 out of 10-12 shots which are keepers. Lensbaby (composer) allows me to concentrate more on composition. I know I'm shooting at f4 (or whichever f stop) and teach myself to line up shots accordingly. I move with my feet if need to zoom, and get closer/farther if I need more in focus. f4 is the awy to go for me at the moment. (If I was picky then I'd prefer f3.2)
I love the smooth focus ring on this composer - the best focus ring I've come across (better than my contax & zeiss jena's)
The fisrt pic (my son) was a difficult one as he never stays still - so I had to snap at the moment.
Thank you for looking - and commenting.

Re: New User Critique posted by AA_1973 June 07, 2013 07:19PM reply | quote
posted by AA_1973
Both the pics were PP in DXO Filmpack 4 using a combination different film for tone and different for grain.

Re: New User Critique posted by Lorna Taylor July 02, 2013 01:11AM reply | quote
posted by Lorna Taylor

I think they both work, strong story line as the focus is sharp enough to connect with the viewer as to where to anchor themselves in the scene.

My Flickr Page


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