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New User - Sweet 35

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New User - Sweet 35 posted by GThorsen January 07, 2013 02:23PM reply | quote
posted by GThorsen

I was able to get out and shoot some photos today. Out of like 250 these are some of the better ones. Not necessarily great but I'm still learning! Getting the right mix of Sutter Speed and ISO on a bright sunny day seems to be the biggest challenge!

The lion shot was something I happened upon. It apparently was a lost child's glove and someone put it up in a tree with the hopes that the owner would find it I'm guessing. Thought it was a fun shot.

These photos were all taken within walking distance of my house - I live in a great place!!

My favorite out of this bunch... I think I like the old cemetery shot best.

Please comment both good and bad. I take no offense at helpful comments!! :D

Re: New User - Sweet 35 posted by bigtalljohn January 08, 2013 01:54AM reply | quote
posted by bigtalljohn

I'm afraid I have to agree the cemetery shot is a favourite for me too. The problem is that so many lensbaby shots look like lensbaby shots, I think as you take more shots you develop your own style and you see more in your style.
Re: New User - Sweet 35 posted by GThorsen January 09, 2013 01:27AM reply | quote
posted by GThorsen

True that... hopefully as I get more practice and time invested into using LB that line of distinction will BLUR! lol

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