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pinhole feed back

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pinhole feed back posted by beowolf28 August 15, 2012 11:02PM reply | quote
posted by beowolf28
looking for opinions on my first attempt at it
Re: pinhole feed back posted by Marcum August 16, 2012 10:56AM reply | quote
posted by Marcum

Very expressive pinhole image, I like the eerie ghost like mood this presents. The light in the back ground has a look of a spirit. Conveys the setting of many ghost stories I have heard in the past of railroad causalities haunting the rails.

Looking forward to more of your work.

God said, "Let there be light," and it was so....
Re: pinhole feed back posted by Samurai Photographer August 17, 2012 07:21AM reply | quote
Great composition. The image has a very ethereal look to it.

Doug Sahlin
Author of Mastering the Lensbaby: A step-by-step guide to mastering the Lensbaby and becoming a more creative photographer.The book is available at the Amazon Kindle store. to find out more about the book or to download a sample chapter, click here: [amzn.to]
Re: pinhole feed back posted by ughridk March 02, 2013 02:30AM reply | quote
posted by ughridk
From all the Lensbaby optics, I see the pinhole as the hardest one to obtain great results. Almost everytime, I prefer to use the zone plate which gives better textures than just a blur everywhere.

So, your photo is great and pinhole has been good choice for this shot : nice blur and light. Congrats!
Re: pinhole feed back posted by Victoria Bell March 07, 2013 09:19AM reply | quote
posted by Victoria Bell

You picked a nice high contrast subject. Turned out great

Victoria Bell

My Flickr Photostream
Re: pinhole feed back posted by gauteov June 04, 2013 06:35AM reply | quote
posted by gauteov

The Pinhole is may Lensbaby pain optics. I think you have found the right place for your first attempt. (Wonder - how will a black and white-conversion look like?)

A Pinhole picture has naturally a grainy look that is part of the expression. But may be this photo is underexposed which generates noise in the shadows. Have you done any noise removal?

Keep trying!



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