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Testing with edge 80

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Testing with edge 80 posted by Pattymac June 09, 2012 02:16AM reply | quote
posted by Pattymac
I'm new to lensbaby. Have wanted a system for years, and now I don't know what I think! I took these yesterday behind my vet's office. It's with the composer pro and edge 80. I ran some actions and applied textures in post. I just don't know how I feel about them yet. I thought I would be able to get in closer. I haven't tried out the macro yet. What do you think? Anybody have input on sweet 35 v. double glass? I'm not getting the sweet 35 and wonder about exchanging it for the double glass.

Thanks for your input!!

Re: Testing with edge 80 posted by Marcum June 09, 2012 02:46AM reply | quote
posted by Marcum

Patty, stick with what you have until you either succeed or just never quite get it with the Sweet 35. Since you didn't mention the camera you are using, remember the Sweet 35 becomes a 42mm-45mm approximately on a APS sensor. (The 35mm is only on full frame sensors.)The double glass optic (50mm on a full frame) will be approximately a 75mm on an APS. You can reverse some of this with the accessory wide angle and telephoto lenses on the double glass optic.

Definitely consider the macro converter set as well for the Sweet 35 and for the double glass in the future. Also consider the the macro +4/+10 diopter accessory lenses if you trade/buy that lens.

Give the Lensbabies plenty of the time in field for you to become settled in their use. Get the book by Cory Hilz from Amazon.com; he shares a lot of advice on the use of Lensbaby optics.

Glad you came here before dropping the system, I found it challenging yet very rewarding as well once I worked with the system. I use a DSLR and 2 Pen E PL-1 cameras with my Lensbaby optics.

Looking forward to seeing more of your work posted here, or on Lensbaby Addicts via FaceBook.

God said, "Let there be light," and it was so....
Re: Testing with edge 80 posted by Pattymac June 09, 2012 02:57AM reply | quote
posted by Pattymac
Thanks Marcus!! I'm using a Nikon D300, so it's not full frame. I bought new kit with the composer, sweet 35 and edge 80 with a macro converter. I couldn't get the macro to install, so I've been using just the edge 80 to get used to it. I've wanted to get into a lensbaby for many years, and decided to jump in. I've been shooting primarily with a 50mm wide open as I love the shallow DOF. I love the close up work I can do with the 50, but I felt like I needed something new. I'm indoors today. It's too hot to go out!! So, I should have some new material next week to play with.

Re: Testing with edge 80 posted by Coco June 10, 2012 01:13AM reply | quote
posted by Coco

I must admit that I love the double glass more than the SW35. I only have them since one week though so don't take my comment too serious yet ;)
But what I do love and like better about the SW35 is that the aperture changing is so easy. If I'm taking a walk I wouldn't consider to change my aperture with the double glass optic a lot or at all. Its something different if I'm on a photo-walk and I'm really only thinking about taking great photo's, than I would take more time and effort in getting the right aperture.
But as you mention you only shoot in one aperture already so this might not be an issue for you as it is for me ;-)

The double glass get a far better and nicer blur in my opinion than the sw35.

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