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Rancho Los Alamitos

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flowers posted by sichtart August 14, 2011 08:19PM reply | quote
posted by sichtart

what do you think about this?
Re: flowers posted by LincolnF August 15, 2011 12:13AM reply | quote
posted by LincolnF
No. 3 is stunning, great composition, colors.
Nos. 1 & 2, not enough in focus for my taste.

Thanks for sharing.
Re: flowers posted by Michael from Lensbaby (Admin) August 16, 2011 02:38AM reply | quote
#3 is really good but I like the unfocused background in #1 and #2 too. Having so much of the frame out of focus really draws my attention towards the small sharply-focused details.
Thanks for posting; I hope to see more of your work soon!
Re: flowers posted by sichtart August 16, 2011 04:36AM reply | quote
posted by sichtart


i like the open aperture...to experiment with it .
most of my pics are photographed outside, also pic 1 and 2.
Re: flowers posted by Do7anii August 17, 2011 10:37AM reply | quote
posted by Do7anii

These are amazing. Loved the focus. :)

Visit: [www.do7aniifotos.tumblr.com]
Re: flowers posted by srpatife August 18, 2011 10:39AM reply | quote
posted by
love the 3#. good job
Re: flowers posted by FocusPocus August 18, 2011 12:30PM reply | quote
posted by FocusPocus

2 is stunning! I love the narrow DoF look.
Re: flowers posted by janvanommen August 19, 2011 05:14AM reply | quote
posted by janvanommen

Hej Priska,
Nice shots.
Nr1: delicate colours.
Nr2: Good composition: diagonal lines
Nr3: Nice DoF. good composition, Rule of thirds.
Like your style.
Re: flowers posted by DMacDzigns September 05, 2011 09:36PM reply | quote
posted by DMacDzigns

In a word....Beautiful!

DMacDzigns / www.DMacDzigns.com
Re: flowers posted by denizen_9 September 07, 2011 08:26AM reply | quote
posted by denizen_9

i like the flower in pic#2 but i like the background in pic#3...

this is just my idea, just my idea:
i would take the flower in pic2 w/ the same background w/ pic3.... again, its just an idea...

overall very nice series of flower pics...

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