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First Portrait Attempts

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First Portrait Attempts posted by Outback June 05, 2011 02:11AM reply | quote
posted by Outback

I am interested in how I can improve on these. I appreciate your comments.


Shots 1 & 2 were taken during my train wreck outing last weekend. The weather was bright overcast. I think I shot these at ISO 100 and f2.8. Double Glass Optic

In the first, I think that the greens overwhelmed this shot and am wondering if a polarizing or ND filter might have helped. The second just doesn't have enough contrast to make it 'pop'. Is there anyway I can adjust my camera to increase the contrast? I could try through software manipulation but would like to learn how to do it in camera...flash?

Photos 3 & 4 were taken yesterday afternoon. I met this couple while out wandering through neighborhoods. They were gracious enough to let me shoot their garden. Bright afternoon sunshine as backlighting.

#3 This one works for me although I am wondering if maybe I should have used fill flash. Overall I like this shot but am curious how you would improve it...

#4 I like this one too but the lighting over the model's shoulder on the right side of the photo is distracting and the electrical cord that appears to be growing from her cheek needs to be airbrushed out of the photo. I think I will work on this one. What are your thoughts?

Thanks gang! This is a great forum!!!


Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. (Thomas A. Edison)

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Re: First Portrait Attempts posted by Superthor June 05, 2011 04:36AM reply | quote
posted by Superthor
I think these are good,but of course everything can be better.
To get less green color,or better contrast,with a digital camera:try saving photos in raw format,and modify exposure afterwards (photoshop)
Film camera:try different film types,and different processing.
To change camera settings,will probably not help!


Homer Simpson
Re: First Portrait Attempts posted by FocusPocus June 06, 2011 04:41AM reply | quote
posted by FocusPocus

I like the one of the man in B&W white ebut more contrast would certainly take it up a notch. Also, I really like the close crop of the square preview and so I suggest you try cropping it. The one of the woman and the pair both have too busy of backgrounds for my taste.

What kind of camera are you using? Canon DSLRs have what are called "Picture Styles." These are different presets of sharpness, contrast, & saturation which are applied to JPEGs in-camera (RAW files are totally unedited by the camera so Picture Styles have no effect on them). You can save your own Picture Styles to help get the look you want straight out of the camera.
Re: First Portrait Attempts posted by Outback June 06, 2011 10:18AM reply | quote
posted by Outback

Thanks for the comments. I apprecaite them.


Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. (Thomas A. Edison)

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