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new to lensbaby posted by AYarrow July 27, 2010 11:24AM reply | quote
posted by AYarrow
I'm new and just wanting some feed back. Sometimes I like my work and sometimes I don't. So, I would love to hear comments and advice. Thanks!
Re: new to lensbaby posted by RichB July 27, 2010 10:50PM reply | quote
posted by RichB


Welcome to the forum! Your kitty image is adorable! Nice first posts. I have had LBs for almost three years. To this day, I have the same experiences as you -- sometimes I like my work and sometimes I don't. But when you get those rare images you like, it is all worth the effort!

Looking forward to seeing more.

Re: new to lensbaby posted by AYarrow July 28, 2010 01:14AM reply | quote
posted by AYarrow
I am using the composer. I just purchased the macro kit last week and am finding that the tripod is a must. Any advice is appreciated as I am still learning what makes a good composition and good lighting, good focus, etc.

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Re: new to lensbaby posted by Bender July 28, 2010 01:46AM reply | quote
posted by Bender

Wow, looking good so far. Keep on clicking, these little lenses take a while to understand the nuances but it's amazing what you can get out of them if you just take the time to practice. I find a lot of inspiration from the fine work of the folks on this forum too. ;)

Re: new to lensbaby posted by platscha August 02, 2010 07:42PM reply | quote
posted by platscha
Really like the flower parts, great composition, just a great macro shot for sure.
Re: new to lensbaby posted by digimatt August 03, 2010 05:59AM reply | quote
posted by digimatt

Hey Ann

I like the droplets and also the flower.
It's a great start.

I also work very much with makro kit but never with tripods.
My makro pics I make with LB muse normally outside and often the conditions are windy. With the tripod I am just to slow and to less creative. A lot of my pics I took by lying on the floor also not easy to work with tripod.

I'm sure you will find the best way for you to work with LB and makro kit.


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